Woman Falls 100 Feet To Her Death While Taking Selfie In Belgium

The quite shocking incident is reported near the village of Nadrin in the region of Luxembourg, where it is being said, that a woman from Belgian fell down 100 feet to her demise while capturing herself through the camera, in short, while taking a selfie. The deceased is identified as Zoe Snoeks, 33. But hitherto her dead body did not recover hence, scuba divers, firefighters, and members of the perilous Enviournment Reconnaissance and Intervention group are working together to get her body from the Ourthe River. Get to know more check the details given below along with some unknown facts.

According to the reports, Belgian residence Zoe Snoeks was a 33-years-old woman and fell from the mountain peak while taking a selfie. Ever since the news took place everyone is mourning her death because no one had imagined that she will be passed away in such a strange way. Now the concerned department is investigating the case so that, they can send her body to the family for a funeral. But nothing has been reported yet, because of which, everyone is keeping their eyes on each activity of the police. Several statements are coming from the family of Zoe, which are making everyone emotional.

Woman Falls 100 Feet To Her Death in Belgium

It is being reported, that the Deceased’s husband Joeri Janssen said that both have decided to visit the selected place, in the vacations, for its scenic beauty to take some overwhelming pictures. Further, he mentioned that since the ongoing pandemic circumstances it was their small thing to roam across Europe in the van and take some incredible photos. “But spontaneously when Zoe saw the dog she went to see that despite knowing that there’s a chasm, but when he turned back to Zoe, she was no longer there” but he did not see and hear anything.

Then “He immediately made a call to the emergency services but had almost no network, they did not understand him when due to his french accent because he was using a bit french language as well. Meanwhile, he rushed to the nearest hotel for help but the rescue team could not find Zoe, and after a while, they pronounced her dead. We will also pray may her soul rest in peace in heaven, and pray for his family too so that, they can get enough power to overcome the great pain(RIP).

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