Why It’s Banned In Kuwait, Saudi & Qatar?

Hello, all the cine-goers, the all-new Hollywood release Eternals is doing wonders at the box office. It is giving a rock-solid performance all over and raking a whopping sum of box office figures at the ticket window. Well, Eternals has been considered as one of the much-awaited movies and now it is getting advantage of its hype. As of now, the movie is getting favourable words of mouth with remarkable business in the theatres. The movie released on 5 November 2021 is even getting incredible footfalls in the theatres on its first day. Get more details on Eternals Box Office Collection here.

As we mentioned above that it is one of the most anticipated movies of the ongoing year as it is another edition in the MCU. It is the 26th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Another reason behind the immense hype is its star cast, the movie is featuring some biggest Hollywood Diva including Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie. All of their fans are going mad for the movie and giving an overwhelming response.

Eternals Box Office Collection

It premiered in Los Angeles on 18th October 2021. However, critics aren’t satisfied with the movies completely and give it a mixed review. They even criticized the slow pace, runtime, and underdeveloped characters. Well, one of the renowned critics Rotten Tomatoes said that it is the worst-reviewed instalment of MCU so far.

Along with that, the movie is also facing some consequences in UAE after it got banned in some of the major countries of the circuit including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait issued by Hollywood reporters. The reputed media source stated that the major reason behind this ban is the LGBTQ relationship shown in the movie. The critics of the circuit scrutinised kissing between the same gender. This is for the first time when MCU come up with such a concept.

As per the box office reports, Eternal is going swift at the Indian box office because of the immense fan base of Marvel Universe. In addition to this, the biggest multiplex chain in India PVR sold more than 3000 tickets and this record has been made for Imax shows only. Although the movie is getting a cut-throat competition alongside Bollywood much-anticipated release Sooryavanshi.

Helmed by Chloé Zhao, Eternals is produced by Kevin Feige and Nate Moore under the banner of Marvel Studios. The movie cast Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kumali Nanjiani, and Lia McHugh in the leading roles. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest Eternals box office collection updates.

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