West Ham Appalled By Fans’ Anti-Semitic Chant On Flight To Belgium

Nowadays, several viral video incidents are coming in front of people and almost every time it becomes the cause of someone’s defame, because those videos contain inappropriate content quite often. Something similar is reported from a Belgium flight where a West Ham admirer is singing an antisemitic chant towards a Jewish man. West Ham has vowed to identify those responsible and issue bans, ever since the video took place uncounted reactions came to the fore as well, where everyone is expressing their rage and asking him to remove the video as soon as possible, get to know more check the details below.

According to the sources, the footage is emerging on entire social media from Thursday night, which appeared to show admirers singing the chant on a flight ahead of West Ham’s Europa League match against Genk. Those people are pledging to recognize responsible and issue indefinitely bans from the center. As soon as the time is passing the flood of reactions are surrounding the social networking sites. A few are keen to watch the video which is creating havoc on social media and at the same time, those who watched it already and considered it inappropriate are demanding to remove it.

West Ham Condemns Fans’ Singing Anti-Semitic Chant Video

It is being reported, that the Club is liaising along with the Airlines and affiliated authorities to recognize the individual. All those who streamed the video are expressing their reactions, because the video was being circulated massively, and it became the subject of discussion among the users, in short, it is remaining the hot topic. Even the chief executive Officer of Kick it out, Tony Burnett, requests the club to take strong actions against those who were responsible for the circumstances because it is setting the fire among the admirers, which is inappropriate enough, so the concerned department is looking forward to taking an action.

Still, the entire information regarding the case did not come in front of the people as several reports are claiming different stories. Hence, unless the genuine one arrives we can not make you acquainted properly, in short, we will advise you to not follow even a single false narrative. Because hitherto, the investigation is going on to figure out the truth behind the scene because everyone is keen to get everything. So whenever we will get more we will update you.

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