Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update 5th November 2021: Khushbir Singh Slams Jasmine

The 5th November 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where Fateh and Tejo get separated forever and hence, Khushbir Singh takes a decision that will change their life for sure. At the same time, Fateh unleashes his feelings in front of Angad Maan by saying that he has done several attempts to get his love Jasmine back in his life. Now when she has entered his happiness not hitting the bricks, and a strange feeling is surrounding him as well. Angad Maan is perceiving his feelings and wonders that he still, loves Tejo as he is feeling bad now.

After a while, Jasmine celebrates her victory over Tejo and dancing as well by saying that she has done whatever she wanted because finally, Tejo’s chapter has been closed from their life. Because of this, there is no need to think about her, meanwhile says that she git everything back which had been occupied by Tejo. Meanwhile, Khushbir Singh takes place along with his entire family and gets shocked to see Jasmine while dancing, because she has a blood relation with Tejo and despite this, she is celebrating her happiness as she got divorced which seems quite inappropriate.

Udaariyaan Full Today’s Episode

Meanwhile, Khushbir Singh slams Jasmine by saying that there was no need to celebrate this, but as far as he has concerned about Jasmine, she can do this as she does not prefer anyone over her. Therefore, he takes the ‘decision that before their tied-a-knot ceremony Tejo will have to marry someone. Jasmine gets shocked to hear his statement and wonders that Tejo is not a girl who can take any decision in the hubbub and therefore, hence, there is a lack of chances of her re-wedding. She tries to argue with him but stops herself by thinking that it is not the right time, first she will discuss it with Fateh.

Later, Khushbir Singh reaches Tejo’s residence and asks her to give him a pledge that before Fateh & Jasmine’s wedding she will have to marry someone. Otherwise, he will not let their wedding happen at any cost, Tejo gets shocked and says that she does not want to marry anyone but Khushbir Singh is adamant about his words. Meanwhile, Tejo wonders that she decided to not marry anyone, because now she will start her new journey where no space is granted for someone. At the same time, she mentions that she was betrayed by two people and now does not have the courage to make an alliance with anyone again.

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