Purvi Keeps Fast For Virender

The latest episode of Molkki starts with Sakshi asking Virender to call someone to fix the ceiling. She further informed her that she has already called some women for Karwachauth veneration. She then suggested Purvi not keep the fast in this condition, Virender nods, Sakshi further says the doctor either asked Purvi has to take care of the baby, Sakshi tells Virender to ask Purvi not to keep the fast. She asks that Purvi won’t disobey you. Virender agrees. Get more information regarding Molkki Written Update on 5 November 2021 here.

Purvi and the kids there are preparing for Karvachauth, the kids then appreciate Purvi’s outfit. At the same time, Virender comes there and asks kids to play outside, Purvi gets elated seeing Virender and shows are the things she brought for the festival, but Virender asks Purvi to not keep Karvachauth’s fast. Purvi looks and says that she has been keeping the fast since she married him. Virender says but things are different this time and we have to take care of the baby growing inside you.

Molkki 5th November 2021 Written Update

Purvi insists to keep the fast but Virender is certain of his decision. Virender leaves from there. Sakshi is noticing everything and inwardly talks that she will keep for fast for Mukhjii and he will himself complete my fast. Purvi on the other side is also determined with her decision of keeping fast. The next morning Sakshi along with Anjali and Prakashi having Sargi, all get surprised when Purvi joins them. Purvi says that she isn’t keeping the fast but still she can eat Sargi as it is a healthy mill and is good for the baby as well.

She sits beside Sakshi and started eating Sargi, Sakshi looks at Purvi and thinks that she is sure that Purvi is keeping fast for Mukhi. She thinks that she will disclose her secret in front of everyone and she will get scolded by Virender. Sakshi again comes up with a plan, while Virender is having his breakfast, Sakshi sends a servant to call Purvi for breakfast. Purvi comes downstairs and tells Sakshi and Virender that she is already stuffed with some snacks so she can’t eat more.

Sakshi is about to say something when kids confirmed that Purvi already ate the snacks. Sakshi looks on and Purvi returns to her room along with the kids. Tune in to Colors TV at 10 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.

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