Nima Denzongpa Today’s 5th Nov 2021 Written Update: Shiv Gets Heartbroken

Nima is talking to Sia on the call and asks if she has visited Shiva’s sister. Sia replies yes and apologises to her mother. Nima says that they will talk later regarding this and asks her to eat something. Nima hung up the call. Sia, there is telling Shiv that she has to return to the hotel. Shiv says but it is raining cat and dog how would you manage to the hotel. Sia replies the same way I came here. Nima there is quite angry when Manya asks her to relax. Get more with Nima Denzongpa Written Update here.


Manya says that she suggested her going on dinner along with Shiv, Manya further says that Shiv is a gentleman and did a lot for our Sia. Nima says you are younger than Sia and you are giving her suggestions. Nima says I have noticed Sia’s behaviour many times when she is along with Shiv. Manya continues with her words and says if that mean that Sia can’t fall in love or have a life partner. Nima says these all are secondary things first she has to focus on her career. Manya says if she has another way through which they can change her feeling. Nima leaves from there.

Nima Denzongpa Today’s Episode

Sia is heading to the hotel in heavy rain and Shiv runs behind her. Shiv stops her, but Sia pleads with him to leave her. Shiva says he just want to know what happened to her all of the sudden. He further says that keep doing this giving me home and shows that there is nothing between them. Shiv takes Sia’s hand, Sia asks him to better know his limits. Shiv replies I thought you liked me, Shiv further asks if she loves someone else. Sia lies to Shiv and agrees that she is seeing someone, but Shiv still says that you are lying I have read your eyes.

Shiv says all of their colleagues think that there is something going on between them. Sia apologised and says you are a nice guy and deserve, Shiv says only you. Shiv says that I am taken back that I was wrong about that strong feeling. Shiv gets disappointed and Sia leaves sadly as well. Later, Sia is walking toward the hotel when Shiv comes to her on his bike and gives her a helmet, Sia sits behind her and he leaves her to the hotel and leaves without saying a word. Sia says she is doing all this because of her mother. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more information and all Nima Denzongpa written update.

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