Nigerians React, Drag Association Of Skit Makers For Visiting The Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

A mixed reaction filled the online space due to the meeting Vice President Yemi Osinbajo had with skit makers at the Presidential Villa on Wednesday, November 3, 2021. Many spoke angrily about the motive behind the visit, some were displeased that the skit makers who represent Nigerian Youths shouldn’t have associated themselves with those in Government, especially after how Youths have been treated during and after the EndSARS protest.

A Tweep @bravefacefunkie questioned the authenticity of the association due to the absence of Popular skit maker, Mr Macaroni. She tweeted,

“Did you know that Nigerian Comedy Skit Makers have an association? It is called Nigeria Skits Industry Awards (NSIA). They paid a visit to VP Osinbajo yesterday. Taooma, Josh2funny, Woli Agba, Mr. Hyenana, Yemi Elesho, etc. But where is Mr Macaroni ?

A Twitter handle @Mohdope97 trolled them by saying “Craze clown that started this skit wasn’t present.. Tao, Woli Agba, Jish? Yemi, Hyena or Tiger…. Ori Gbogbo yin buru

@_popwealth tweeted, “Where Mr macaroni, bro shagii, and the likes them no dey association ni

A tweep @torhsen question the VP’s ordeal during the #EndSARS Saga. “V.P Osinbajo that was quiet when the youths were being killed by the military and police. Till date no one is held responsible for the killings at Lekki tollgate. #EndSARS . Taooma, Josh2funny, Woli Agba, Mr. Hyena, Yemi Elesho. THUNDER FIRE ALL OF UNA”, he tweeted.

Others spoke angrily

Unfollow Them !!

Some other Nigerians have vowed to unfollow all the skit makers who paid that visit, stating that the celebs won’t be known without the Youths who follow them and watch their skits.

A handle representing Oduduwa Republic @oduduwaR advised Nigerians to unfollow those skit makers. “It is time to start unfollowing this unfortunate skit makers. I can see Woli Agba, Taooma. How much are they going to give youthat makes you turn your back on your people. ODUDUWA REPUBLIC NOW/ BIAFRA NOW

@damilfly said, “I don’t know about you, I don unfollow all skit makers in this picture.

@Aiikatyy replied, “They don’t know we make their skit sales, I just hope it’s not what I’m thinking.

@Abeholarr said, “I don block Taomaa, Yemi elemosho, woli Agba, Mr hyenana, josh2funny etc from my instagram. I no wan mistakenly dey scroll go jam any of their videos. Make dem and Osibanjo dey watch am together.”

In Their Defence

Some Nigerians were of the view that those inciting the Youths against the skit makers are supporters of the People Democratic Party (PDP).

A tweep Ferdinand Rogers on his Twitter page (@ZarkyPage) said,”If Taoama, Woli Agba and co had visited Saraki, Atiku or Seyi Mankinde….this cries wouldn’t have happened. Stop allowing PDP guys to dictate to you guys about what is moral or not. Stop following the heads, be yourselves.

Taooma’s Corner

On Wednesday, 3rd September 2021, a company of skit makers which included Taomaa, Yemi Elesho, Woli Agba, Josh2Funny, etc. paid a courtesy visit to the vice president under the auspices of the Nigeria Skits Industry Awards being promoted by Bimbo Daramola.

Withinnigeria also gathered that the meeting was also used to discuss various matters regarding the youths with the most pertinent one being the harassment faced by the Youths in the hands of the Nigerian Police. This was disclosed by the post made by skit maker Taomaa on her IG page. See pics of her post below:

Defending themselves !

In their defence, Woli Agba addressed the attack his team of skit makers faced on social media. He told Nigerians Youths to stop reasoning like programmed robots.

This post on his IG page got many youths infuriated and they didn’t hide their displeasure. Some others attacked him the more and even labelled him corrupt, amongst other names.

@daniiwaya said, “Woli agba fit do PR for devil, it’s not even debatable”.

@gistlover took the matter personal and disclosed that Woli agba is a tool used by the government for money laundering.

Josh2Funny also didn’t hide his displeasure on the attack they faced from their fellow Nigerian Youths. He replied to a follower who criticized them for collecting envelopes.

What Vice President Osinbajo said

Meanwhile, the vice president commended the creativity of the Nigerian youths, he said, “I strongly believe that what our young people are doing and what they are capable of, is what will lead our country to where we are meant to be. The future is not tomorrow, it is already here and we can see it from just everything you are doing, the global acclaim that you are getting; young people like yourselves, doing something good.”

Noting that he has watched some of their skits, Osinbajo adds that, “I think that we have incredible talent and we must do something about it …enable these talents, and we must ask ourselves questions on setting realistic goals that can enable these talents flourish. I must say that just based on the sheer creativity around this, I don’t think that anybody anywhere is as funny as Nigerian comedians.”

The VP was also presented an award by the skit makers, as shown below

The vice president also addressed a couple of issues raised by the youths, including the Twitter ban, the harassment of youths by the police and law enforcement officers and the need to improve the country’s public education system.

What do you think?

Was it right or wrong for these skit makers who many Nigerian Youths look up to, to give a visit to the VP of Nigeria, especially with the issues of #EndSARS still on ground? Kindly drop your comments below and reasons.


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