Malika Tries To Kill Bondita & Her Baby

The 5th November 2021 episode of Barrister Babu begins where Bondita tries to make Trilochan understand that she has spent several years getting the tag of Barrister, and despite this, how could he ask her to leave her job. Meanwhile, she decides to cross the “Lakshaman Rekha” as she is adamant about her words by saying that she can not leave her job for such orthodox rituals. Then she reaches the court and fights a case of a widow and successfully won as well, because of which, that lady gets her toddler, and she thanks Bondita.

After a while, when Bondita comes back to the home she sees Trilochan upset and takes a pledge that unless she gives birth to her child, she will not fight any case do not worry. But Trilcohan refuses to accept anything and leaves the place as well, and wonders if she has changed properly as she is adamant about her words. Meanwhile, Malika mixes “White Mashroom” into Bondita’s meal and says that now she has done everything, as she wanted. At the same time, Batuk urf Anirudh expresses his rage as well by saying that why she is not having anything, despite knowing that it will affect their baby’s health.

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Then he forcefully gives her a plate of food and makes her understand that she should eat something, because if she does not eat anything so their child’s health will be affected and which is not appropriate enough. She agrees and says that there’s no need to think more she will eat, spontaneously he says that he is going to bring her medicine, and when he will come she should make sure to finish the food. As soon as he enters Malika’s room he gets shocked to see the tickets and white mushroom pieces.

Meanwhile, he gets to know that White Mushrooms are not healthy enough for the baby, because it contains some poisoner essence that can kill Anirudh’s, unborn baby.  Extempore he rushes towards Bondita and makes her away from the meal so that, she can not have anything. She asks what he is doing now, he makes an excuse that this food has been used by the cat by mistake, so therefore, she should not eat it. Later, Batuk goes to Malika’s room with a sharp knife and says that how she dared to kill Anirudh’s unborn baby, and meanwhile says that now she can not stay with them.

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