Lady Shares Last Video Of His Brother Before Collapse

Ann Iwelue shared the video online


A lady has shared the last video of his brother who is said to be among those who were at the Ikoyi building before it collapsed.


Recall that the 21-storey building collapsed in Lagos State on Monday.


Ann Iwelue released the last video his brother Samuel Iwelue on social media.


Samuel in the video complained that heat in the country is much to the point that the air conditioner in the car wasn’t cooling the hot temperature in Lagos.


A further report had it that Samuel was in Nigeria for a wedding in Abuja where he met the developer who happens to be his friend.


It was disclosed that his friend told him about the structure and they flew to Lagos and that was the last time anyone heard from Samuel


Ann in some videos shared online condemned the approach applied in rescuing victims of the collapsed building, adding that the approach does not give any possible survivor much chance to be rescued.


She said, “Please people help, is this how an recuse mission should go?


“This is no longer a rescue mission this a demolition. What are the chances anyone would survive. We are killing potential survivors like this.


“Please I need help, my brother may be in there. I can’t watch this anymore. I can’t speak enough because I don’t want them to stop but they need to change this approach, you are pulling things over anyone caved in head.


“Please help me post and repost again. I need experts my brother is a survivor but we they are making his fighting chance slimmer.”


Ann shared a video on her page claimed that the rescue team has no clue on how to use the life detector machine.


“This are the rescue team yesterday trying to figure out how to use the life detector on day 3 at 3:34pm, they didn’t get to use it. This is exhausting I need them to change their approach @jidesanwoolu a tactile approach should have been used.


“My brother is a fighter!!!!”


See video below:

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