Actress Cause Of Death Dies With Husband In Car Crash

The quite heart-wrenching news is reported from East Java where it is being said, that Soap Opera actress Vanessa Angel has passed away along with her husband Febri Andriansyah due to a tragic road accident. On Thursday their SUV brutally smashed with a police barrier at the furious speed which became the cause of their sudden demise. Ever since, her admirers got acquainted with the news their immense grief is hitting the bricks because no one had supposed, that their favorite faces were left the world in such a manner, get to know more check the detail given below.

As per the exclusive reports, the concerned department has shared a statement in which, they clarified that the speed of their SUV was extremely high, and as it got smashed several lethal injuries surrounded their entire body which became the cause of heavy damage. But, their toddler son, babysitter, and driver are surviving the accident, they also got some injuries but as per the medical center, their injuries have a chance to get heal. But unfortunately, the couple has passed away, which left everyone in a deep shock especially their close ones, who never ever expected it.

Who is Vanessa Angel?

27-years-old Venessa Angel was an Indonesian model, actress, and singer, who has given plenty of super hit operas to rule the hearts of her admirers. But unfortunately, she is no longer among us, as she got a lethal accident which became the cause of her unexpected demise. She was born on 23rd December 1993, Jakarta, Indonesia, she started her career in 2008 while appearing in Cinta Intan. Febri Andriansyah is an Indonesian entrepreneur, actor, and model, he was a quite popular face among the audience, but due to a car accident is also no more among his admirers.

It is being reported, that the accident occurred in Jombang toll road at 12:37 P.M. the left area of Mitsubishi Pajero hit the concrete barrier at kilometer 674, due to high-speed driver lose control, because of which, the incident took place and they had to leave the world. Their vehicle gets heavily destroyed and threw it 40 meters incessantly from the collision. Everyone is paying tribute to him, which became the cause of heavy floods on social media especially Twitter. Because everyone is expressing their deep feelings for the couple and praying for those who are surviving the accident so that, they can get healed soon.

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