How I Started Acting 32 Years Ago In IBADAN – OYO TAMPAN Governor, Yeye Oge ROSE ODIKA

On Saturday, 10th July 2021, the ancient city of Ibadan bubbled, as one of the star actresses making waves in the Ibadan movie industry, Yeye Oge Rose Odika (JP) celebrated a 3-in-1 event.

Yeye Oge Rose Odika who is the Oyo TAMPAN Governor celebrated her 32 years on stage, in grand style. She unveiled and raised funds for her pet project, The BOND project, a project which according to her, was borne out of the need to promote our core values so that we can live in a better society, as many people have lost their values in the society today.

She also awarded many dignitaries she holds in high esteem in her life. These are those who have played a great role in her life. She calls it Role Model/Icons Award.

The popular Hall of Grace, at Jogor Center, situated along Liberty road, Ibadan was filled to the brim, as many of her veteran colleagues, even the younger ones in the movie industry, especially, Oyo State TAMPAN members came out to celebrate with her.

The 3-in-1 celebration started with a Thanksgiving Service at St Catholic Church, Bodija, before all the guests moved to Jogor Centre.

Amongst the celebrities that graced the event were, veteran actors like Dele Odule, Akin Lewis, Peju Ogunmola, and Samson Eluwode (Jinadu Ewele). There were others like Yomi Fash-Lanso, Damola Olatunji, Toyin Adewale, Foluke Daramola, Lola Ajibola, Owolabi Ajasa, Rukayat Lawal (Iya Ibadan), Aderupoko, Bose Akinosun, Adewale Abdulrasak, Tunde Ola Yusuf and many more.

Ace compere, Alariwo and Wale Lawal compered the event.

In a brief chat with City People Head of Tv, SUNDAY ADIGUN, Yeye Oge Rose Odika revealed how her beauty paved way for her in the movie industry.

Let me start by congratulating you for the success of your 3 in 1 event, how do you feel celebrating 32 years on Stage?

I’m so happy achieving it because I planned celebrating my 30 years on stage but ended up celebrating 32 years on stage despite all odds so I’m grateful to God.

For the benefit of the younger ones reading this interview, how did acting start for you?

I had fallen in love with acting since my secondary school days when we used to have drama groups, friends club, and events where we perform stage plays. So, one day, my vice principal then, Dr (Mrs) Ero invited me to her office and she told me that she saw a talent in me and that I can become a good actress in future if I can work towards it, but my father from the outset never wanted it. Somehow, I started gradually and from my secondary school days, I had made up my mind to be an actress and everybody used to tell me that you are good in what you are doing. Since then, I fell in love and that passion has been there from a young age.

What has been your experience in the profession?

My experience is tremendous. Firstly, it has been able to give me an image because I see myself as an image-maker, and this has changed my way of life. I see myself as a role model. So, it has propelled me to keep my integrity. Secondly, I’m enjoying the glamour that comes with being a celebrity. Sometimes, when you go to the bank, you will be queuing and people will just walk up to you and say madam just step forward. I do enjoy those types of favor.

What informed your decision to be a Yoruba actress, despite your Igbo background?

Environment has a lot to do with children. I grew up in Ibadan all my life and we didn’t have any actor shooting English film in the vicinity at the time. No production of any English film or play came from that end. So, I’m used to the environment of acting with Yoruba actors of the industry. I came into acting in 1989 and I came into limelight in 1993 at the same time that I was also schooling in the University. So, I only had little time during the holidays to act, and whenever I’m back to Ibadan during holidays, the only thing I do is going to the actors within the vicinity to act. After about 4 to 5 years, I then asked myself, “Do I still need the stress of going to line up for English films? This is because I have tried like one or two times to join, and they told me to go and line up and start from the beginning. So, I decided to stay in Yoruba, although I also do English films and I’m good with that. I can say that my environment had a great effect on my decision.

What are your challenges in the profession?

Well, the first challenge I had was what I told you that I was just on my own before I was invited to act in a particular film, Ododo Eye to be precise. I was not part of that association in the theatre industry then, and when I was invited to take part in the lead role in Ododo Eye, members of the association were insisting that I could not because I was not part of the association. When the producer of that film, stood his ground and insisted that I was the person she wanted, they had to succumb. I first had the issue of the association blocking me from acting in any film produced by their members. I had to quickly go back after that production to be a member.

Secondly, when you are coming to an association where they already have an array of staff and I am just coming in, a young girl of 19, with people ahead of me, it was challenging but by God’s grace, I was able to come out of it.

While you were giving your speech, you talked about how you were casted for Ododo Eye’s role, based on your beauty, what are the roles your beauty played in who you are today?

My beauty actually played a long role and still playing. We all know that for you to make waves in the entertainment industry you must be beautiful. My beauty actually made me fit in into the role when the producer saw me. She said I’m the kind of person she’s looking for.

Let’s talk about the people you gave awards, what really inspired that?

I have few people who have contributed to my success in life, in one way or the other. Many of them I see as mentors. And I believe this is the only way I can say thank you to them. So I have two categories of award. The first one is Mentors Award, and like I said it’s a way of saying thank you for those who helped in one way or the other to see to my progress in the industry. The second Award is called Pillar Awards, and it’s for selected few who can assist my project in the advisory capacity or financially.

Let’s talk about your new project too. What is it all about?

Project Bond is about projecting our core values in the society like hard work, integrity, and respect for elders. An adage in Yoruba says “Ile la ti nko eso ro de” i.e Charity begins at home. Many people have lost their values in our society today. Therefore Project Bond was borne out of the need to promote our core values so that we can live in a better world. I plan to showcase this in my new series.

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