Afghanistan news: Dad who flew to Kabul to help family killed in blast

Mohammad Niazi was reportedly among those killed and the whereabouts of his children is unknown (Picture: Getty/BBC)

The children of an Afghan taxi driver living in Britain are still missing after the Kabul airport bombing.

According to reports, Mohammad Niazi travelled to Afghanistan to help his family get to the airport.

He was killed alongside his wife, according to his brother and a friend.

Now the search is on for two missing daughters. Another two of Niazi’s children are thought to be injured in a Kabul hospital.

The BBC spoke to Mohammad’s brother who confirmed they have not been able to locate his eldest daughter and youngest child.

Recounting the aftermath of the bombing, he told the BBC: ‘I saw some small children in the river, it was so bad, it was doomsday for us.’

Imran Naizi, a friend and fellow mosque member, told The Telegraph Mohammed worked as a driver in Aldershot and has lived in the UK since 2004.

Mohammed Niazi

The taxi driver has lived in the UK since 2004, according to a friend, and travelled to Kabul to help family members get to the airport (Picture: BBC)
Two of his daughters are still missing and another two children are thought to be injured (Picture: BBC)

He met his wife in 2012, who continued to live in Afghanistan, and Niazi flew to Kabul from London to get them out this week.

The friend told the paper: ‘None of us can believe this has happened. It is such a tragedy.

‘He flew from Heathrow on Wednesday to make the dangerous journey to pick up his family for a better life here and he has been killed along with them. It’s unbelievable.’

Mr Zaizi said he fears his ‘two daughters are dead and his other daughter and his son are badly injured in hospital’.

Two British adults and a child were among those killed in the atrocity, the Foreign Office said on Friday.

They join as many as 170 people thought to have been murdered in the attack, with efforts to identify the deceased still ongoing.

Western countries are winding down evacuation efforts as they prepare to leave the country ahead of August 31 (Picture: Getty)

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab said on Friday that a British adult and an Afghan child with a British family are among the injured, although it’s unclear who this refers to.

The UK’s evacuation mission is set to end today ahead of the August 31 withdrawal deadline for Western forces.

General Sir Nick Carter, head of Britain’s armed forces, said: ‘We’re reaching the end of the evacuation, which will take place during the course of today, and then of course it’ll be necessary to bring our troops out on the remaining aircraft.

‘It’s gone as well as it could do in the circumstances.’

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has previously admitted between 800 and 1,100 Afghans eligible under the Arap scheme will be left behind.

Between 100 and 150 UK nationals will also be left in Afghanistan, although Mr Wallace said some of those were staying willingly.

In the early hours of Saturday, the US military conducted an airstrike against a member of so-called Islamic State in Afghanistan who was believed to be involved in planning attacks against the US in Kabul.

The strike killed one individual, and spokesman navy captain William Urban said they knew of no civilian casualties.

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