Man finds world’s longest Hula Hoop and wants it to be family heirloom

Sam Lightfoot, 26, said the find was one of his biggest achievements (Picture: SWNS)

It may be a cliché to describe the last year to 18 months as unprecedented, but we have certainly entered new territory in 2021 when it comes to the world of crisps.

From a £10,000 Dorito to being able to order a crisp sandwich at Subway, we’ve seen twists and turns every month in relation to the UK’s favourite potato snack.

And now – wait for it – the world record has actually been broken for the world’s longest Hula Hoop.

Sam Lightfoot, 26, was the lucky finder of the four-inch-long snack, which he discovered, surprisingly enough, inside a packet of the circular crisps.

The mega-munchie is eight times the usual length, and only just fitted in the packet.

Sam, who was staying with family in Surrey for a holiday when he discovered the crisp, said he knew something wasn’t quite right as he felt the packet before opening it.

He said: ‘When I opened it I was like, “Whaaaaaat,” then I realised it was an extra-long Hula Hoop.

‘I went and showed everyone. They were very impressed. Then I measured it.’

Sam Lightfoot with a giant Hula Hoop, Hindhead, Surrey. See SWNS copy SWSYhula: A lucky guy who discovered the longest hula hoop in a packet last week said it???s too valuable to sell and will become a family heirloom. Delighted Sam Lightfoot, 26, discovered the four-inch long salt-and-vinegar hula hoop while enjoying a cheeky lunchtime-Simpsons watch with his cousins on Friday August 20. The mega-munchie is about as long as eight usual-length hulas and only just fited in the packet, said Sam.

Sam wants to hand the crisp down through generations as a ‘family heirloom’ (Picture: SWNS)
The off-shore wind farm planner is very chuffed with his gigantic Hula Hoop (Picture: SWNS)
The snack is four inches long, which has broken a world record (Picture: SWNS)

The off-shore wind farm planner said what happened was among his biggest achievements.

He said: ‘It’s up there in the top 10, along with buying a house and a car.

‘We’ve seen online that someone got £10,000 for a puffed-up Dorito they found, but we’re not planning to sell this – it’s too sentimental.

‘I’ll probably keep it forever and hand it down through the family.’

Sam’s special packet was in a multi-bag bought for him a week ago by his 12-year-old cousin Maisie, as part of the family shop in Aldershot’s Tesco branch in Hampshire.

Sam credits cousin Maisie, 12 and of Surrey, with the special discovery (Picture: SWNS)
But he fears the family dog Mylo may eat the treasured possession if given the opportunity (Picture: SWNS)

He generously added: ‘It’s Maisie’s achievement really, so it will probably stay here in Surrey.’

Maisie said: ‘I feel proud to have picked it up, and pleased to have the longest hula hoop in my house.’

But if the snack does stay in Surrey the record-breaker may have to take extreme measures to protect the precious find from his family dog – Mylo.

Unfortunately, crisps are the seven-year-old golden doodle’s favourite meal, so the future of the gigantic Hula Hoop is looking ever so slightly precarious.

‘We’ve been worried about breaking it so we’re keeping it safe in its packet in the utility room,’ Sam, who lives in Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria, added.

His discovery trumps the previous world record – a 3.7-inch hoop found in May this year by Rowan Umland, 19, from Peckham in south London.

Musician Stuart Hampton, 31 and from Darnhill in Greater Manchester, auctioned a 3-inch Hula Hoop for £712 in 2014.

Sam may fall into similar luck as Rylee Stuart, 13, who was offered £10,000 by Doritos for a rare ‘puffy’ crisp she found in a packet.

Or perhaps he’ll end up more like Frank Smith, 77, who found a gigantic seven-inch long oven chip over the summer and decided to keep it forever.

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