Kabul airport attack death toll rises to 170 including three children

Islamic State affiliate Isis-K has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack (Picture: Reuters)

The number of people killed by the terror attack outside Kabul airport has risen to 170.

Among the dead are 32 men, three women and three children, according to reports, while 132 others are unidentifiable.

Isis-K, the Afghan affiliate of the Islamic State (Isis), has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s suicide bombings, which left nearly 200 people wounded.

Previous reports said at least 13 US service members had been killed by the attack.

One bomb exploded at Abbey Gate just outside the airport, and another was detonated at the Baron Hotel a short distance away, followed by gunfire directed at US personnel and civilians.

It took place as the situation at the airport deteriorates, with people desperately trying to flee the country now the Taliban have taken control.

There have been increased tensions as the August 31 deadline set by the US for with withdrawal of foreign forces looms.

Around 200 people are thought to have been wounded by the terror attack (Picture: EPA)
Many women and children are desperate to flee in fear of what awaits them under Taliban rule (Picture: EPA)
Smoke rises from the explosion outside Kabul airport yesterday (Picture: PA)

Despite yesterday’s attack, Boris Johnson has vowed to keep evacuating people from the country, adding: ‘We are going to keep going until the last moment’.

US President Joe Biden and advisers had been warned in recent days that an attack by ISIS-K was likely as the group takes advantage of the increasing chaos in Afghanistan.

The terror cult is an enemy of the Taliban and has been fighting it for years. It views Afghanistan’s new rulers’ interpretation of Islam as too soft.

Despite assurances it would be more liberal than its brutal regime of the 90s, a Taliban leader has said it will ban music in public and force women to have chaperones with them outside.

General Frank McKenzie, head of US Central Command, said commanders were watching for more attacks by Islamic State, including possibly rockets or car bombs targeting the airport.

He said some intelligence was being shared with the Taliban and he believed ‘some attacks have been thwarted by them’.

Backpacks and belongings of Afghan people who were waiting to be evacuated are seen at the site of the August 26 twin suicide bombs, which killed scores of people including 13 US troops, at Kabul airport on August 27, 2021. (Photo by WAKIL KOHSAR / AFP) (Photo by WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images)

Backpacks and belongings of Afghan people who were waiting to be evacuated before the attack (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)
People are desperately trying to evacuate the country with just days until the US completes its withdrawal (Picture: EPA)

Most of the more than 20 allied countries involved in airlifting Afghans and their own citizens out of Kabul said they had completed evacuations by today.

Britain said it was in the final stages while the United State said it would continue airlifting people right up to next Tuesday although it would will prioritise the removal of U.S. troops and military equipment on the last couple of days.

ISIS said one of its suicide bombers had targeted ‘translators and collaborators with the American army’ on Thursday.

The attack underlined the realpolitik facing Western powers in Afghanistan: engaging with the Taliban who they have long sought to fend off may be their best chance to prevent the country sliding into a breeding ground for Islamist militancy.

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