Sola Sobowale & Nse Ikpe-Etim Are Proud of their Role in “King of Boys: The Return of the King” | Watch

It’s not easy to play a powerful persona, especially when fans like the KOB Army are pulling for you not to sully a character they like.

After almost waiting for three years, fans finally get a “King of Boys” sequel, this time, in a 7-part limited series which is Netflix’s first from Nigeria.

In case you missed our interview with Toni Tones and Kemi Adetiba, you can watch it here.

Nse Ikpe-Etim and Sola Sobowale will undoubtedly be listed among the 10 actresses in Nollywood who would always leave you with a fantastic performance and goosebumps.

Nse Ikpe-Etim, who plays Mrs Jumoke Randle, and Sola Sobowale spoke with BellaNaija ahead of Kemi Adetiba’s “King of Boys: The Return of the King” debut to give us an insight into the joy, sweat, and labour that went into making this masterpiece.

Sola Sobowale, who reprised her role as Eniola Salami in “King of Boys: The Return of the King,” which will premiere on Netflix on August 27, admits that portraying the strong-willed, bloodthirsty, power-seeking woman was not an easy task, but if there’s one thing she wants people to take away from the film aside from the entertainment factor, she says:

What do you represent in life? What do you want people to say after you, what legacy do you want to leave behind when you go. It’s very easy. There are so many things you are going to take from this. You want to know about parenting, you get it. You want to know about being greedy, you get it.

What is it that we have, what is it that is so special in life? Do we need all this. We want power, we want to be known, we want to be seen, we want to be heard. We want to be on top of everything in life. We want to be in control. It is worth it?

I’ve been around for a while, I keep telling people, what do I want to leave behind. This is what I love doing, this is what God ordained me to do. I’m an entertainer, i’m a teacher, i’m a preacher, i’m a healer, that is who I am. I may teach in the class, but I’m still teaching in another way. You may not come to me as a nurse, but I’m giving you theraphy when you smile, I make you happy.

She continues, “And I say to myself, what type of story do I want to do now, a story that will change people’s lives? To make them better? That is what I stand for now. That is why I’m so happy, and I give God the glory to be part of this journey to be among this team of KOB… I am teaching you, I am healing you, and I am preaching the word of God to you to be good and to be kind…”

For Nse Ikpe-Etim, living the life of Jumoke Randle was lovely, and in her own words, she characterizes Jumoke as “an angel of swords”, “she was kind to herself”, “she was quite annoying”, “she was hungry for a lot of things”, and “a winner of sorts”.

Check out the video above to see the full conversation.

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