I was astonished when I woke up to the news of Abba Kyari’s indictment in the fraud brouhaha of Hushpuppy. First, I was taken aback as to how of all persons, Abba Kyari could have been such involved, which in fact is otherwise to my personal encounter and experience of him.

To start with, My name is Ayobami Kareem I am a realtor and I started the business with zero capital (basically by introducing prospective property investors to Properties). I had worked so hard and made a little fortune that sometime in December 2012, I got for myself one of the latest car of that year. I had barely used the car for weeks before the car was snatched and stolen at gun-point by unknown gunmen on my way back from Marwa, Lekki 1, after visiting a friend.

The said robbery incident introduced me to this man, Abba Kyari, who was the Officer in charge of investigating the robbery case against me. I must state without fear of being misconceived that my experience of Abba Kyari at the material time was nothing short of a disciplined, intelligent and dedicated man of the police force. He dedicated himself to recovering my stolen car even when I and my family have given up hope on same, at some point, I was no longer taken calls from him; I must quickly state that at all these times, Abba Kyari neither asked or collected any dime from me. At a time, he (Abba Kyari) and his team recovered a car that’s of same model with mine but different colour and chassis number, everyone, including me, believed it was my car that was probably repackaged by the robbers, but Abba Kyari knew it couldn’t have been my car since the chassis number weren’t same, hence, he stood his ground and vehemently refused to deliver same to me, despite all entreaties, pressure and even promises of gratification.

To cut the long story short, Abba Kyari and his team not only recovered my car, but my phone and other personal belongings that were inside my car at the time of the theft and delivered same to me without collecting a dime from me till date (I could even recall that on the fateful day he delivered my car to me, right inside his office, I saw him apologise to a suspect that was wrongly accused, gave the released suspect some cash to return home, and wished him well).

I am neither in anyway holding brief for Abba Kyari nor defending him, but I would owe my conscience alot if I shy away from stating the good this same fraud-indicted man did for me, just because he is currently in the news media for the wrong reasons.

I believe we all should learn from his case, any responsible person out there should be very cautious with the kind of persons he/she should entertain or transact with, because wrong association can corrupt even the best of manners.

MY THOUGHTS ON ABBA KYARI’S FRAUD SAGA By Abayomi Kareem was last modified: August 3rd, 2021 by Reporter

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