Late Oba BUARI OLOTO’s Wife, IYA OYO’s Interview

•What She Told City People About Her Life With Late Husband

Do you know that Alhaja Alimotu Sadia Oloto is now Yeye-Oba of Iboroland in Ogun State? Yes. This is authoritative, as she was conferred with the title on Saturday 27th of May, 2017 amidst pomp and pageantry. It was a royal blue and white affair as the King of Fuji, King Wasiu Ayinde was on the bandstand dishing out good music.

As expected, her husband, Alhaji Buari Oloto, fondly called “Abu Sidiku” was all out with his many friends to show support to his wife of over 30 years

How did she get the title? What is her relationship with Oba Salako, Oba Oniboro of Ibori, Yewa land? How did she meet her husband? What has sustained her marriage to Buari Oloto? These were the many questions that City People asked her a few years back

You are the new Yeye Oba of Iboro Kingdom in Ogun State, what is your relationship with Oba Salako?

Kabiyesi has been my brother for many years. Our relationship didn’t just start, it started many years ago, even before he became the King. We had a mother-brother  relationship. His late parent and I were also very close. Our relationship has lasted over 30 years. When I was in America, I used to visit the family too.

Why do you think you were picked as Yeye Oba of Iboro?

I will say Kabiyesi didn’t only pick me as Yeye Oba because we were close but because of good behaviour. I am glad that Kabiyesi found me worthy of being made Yeye Oba.

You have been rocking Lagos social scene for over 40 years with your husband, how did it start?

I give God the glory and adoration. It is not by might or power. It is good to be good. My husband and I have every reason to praise Allah.

You have a very soft heart but people believe your husband face is tough, can you tell more about Ahaji Buari Oloto?

My husband is a very soft-hearted person. Forget about his look. Alhaji is very soft, nice to a fault too. A disciplinarian just like me. He is a philanthropist who loves giving. You can never go to Buari Oloto with tears and leave him with tears. He likes putting smiles on peoples face.

I can say he is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am also very disciplined and I would say I took that from him. Very organized and highly intelligent husband. My husband is very emotional. He is moved when he sees people in tears. He may likely be moved to tears when he sees people suffering.

You are a top fabric merchant, for how long have you been selling fabrics?

I have been selling fabrics ever before I got married to my husband. I have been selling clothes for over 30 years. I started selling in the  80s and I would take clothes to offices to sell in the ministries. So at one point, I felt there was need for me to have a shop and  I got my first shop when I was in my 30s. I got my first shop at Mosalashi, Jimoh in Lagos Island. That was where King Wasiu Ayinde’s mum was selling fabrics. That was the same place Alhaja Mosun Masha was selling cloths too.

K1’s mum was our Big Mummy then. She still has a shop at Mosholasi Jimoh till date. Then we had   Aunty Bewaji and our Iya Oyo now, Alhaja Idiat all started at Ita Alagba Street in Folawiyo. I still have a shop there till date.

Then when we later found out that people hardly want to enter inside the market, I retained the shop and moved to Tinubu Square. We thank God we have been able to build our brand to an enviable height.

How have you been able to juggle your role as a mother, a businesswoman and a socialite?

I give God the glory. I am always thankful to God when I look at how far I have gone in life. I thank God because I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my husband. Whenever I have a party, I will inform him earlier and sometimes when we are invited to the same event, we go together. Though, when we were much younger, we used to attend parties in each other’s arms but now he may have many parties or have an appointment in the office to attend to, so we may go separately. So, it has never disturbed us.

It has even become a lifestyle for some of us because we like being there for each other. Do you know that sometimes, some of us will get to the shop to find out that she has to be at an event and she will go. It has to do with love. You saw how we all came out in numbers for Alhaja Mosun Masha’s grandchild naming despite the fact that Titi was not around. It is love. So it is not just about me, all our friends are good people who love to stand by each other. It is love and understanding. It is always a stress-free situation.

It is not easy to be married for over 30 years. What is the secret of a successful marriage?

Patience is the key in any successful marriage. Even our parents who we see as ancient mothers are always patient with their husbands. My mother used to tell me lots of things when I was young. She said back in the day when your husband’s concubine comes around, you will cook for the person and put water in the bathroom for the woman to take her bath, if the woman knows how to make hair, she will make your hair. Our husband of today don’t even do things as worst as that, why won’t we be humble. Women of these days will hardly be patient. My mother was very patient in her marriage and this has helped me in my marriage.

Women these days in the name of civilization and education are not always submissive and patient in marriage. To the glory of God, some women are still submissive in their marriage. Some, when you tell them to be patient and they won’t mind you. There is no marriage that is easy. Only love cannot sustain a marriage, patient goes a long way. It is patient that can make you go on when your husband misbehaves, he will come back to you when the dust is clear. There is no marriage without challenges but I always tell my children who are all married, you must be patient with your husband. Don’t say your parent are rich. You don’t have a room here again after marriage and to the glory of God, they see reasons and they are enjoying it. They even know their father as a disciplinarian. One of them was here yesterday with her children.

How did you meet your husband?

I met him in the city of Lagos as a young babe.

What was the first thing he said to you?

(Smile), he said he loves me and the rest is history.

People believe that Alhaji Buari Oloto is mean because of his look, do you believe this?

No. I am not saying this because I am his wife. Let me paint a scenario. If Alhaji is angry with somebody and you decided to join him in fighting the person, you will regret it. This is because Alhaji is quick to forget issues and forgive people who offend him. He doesn’t hold grudges. You will even remind him that Alhaji have you forgotten that this person has wrong you, he will say, I have forgiven him. He loves his family to a fault. As his wife of many years, I know this. I don’t beat any of my girls and if Alhaji is here and I spank my girl, he will complain. He doesn’t like that. This is my brother’s younger sister, he loves all his siblings. He loves all his in-laws. He would advise people not to be angry. Being his wife, when I notice a change in his mood, I go and meet him to ask what caused it, he will say “Akanke ma daun jare (Akanke don’t mind these people). He will explain and it is gone. He holds no grudge against people. He loves his extended family and his close family too.

When you look at how far you have gone with your mind?

I always thank God for my husband and I, we have come a long way and we are still waxing stronger in love. I pray God to spare our lives to eat the fruit of our labour. As I am being conferred with Yeye Oba now, he is happily working hard to make sure the event goes as planned.

I noticed that you didn’t tone up like many society women, what is the secret of your good look at 64?

I thank God for my life. If not for my husband, I also love to tone my skin and be fair but my husband doesn’t like it. He will say Akanke, you cannot tone your skin. I love your black skin. Black is beautiful. He always nails that. He will say Sadia, I saw you like this before I came to you. I had no wife before you and I will not marry any woman after you, so you must abide by my instruction. You can’t tone your skin. Do you know I thank him now whenever I remember that. I will kneel down and say Alhaji Ese. His statement is always “Mi fe a rai bo” (I don’t want toning of skin). This has contributed to my ageless look now. I don’t have stretch marks or blemishes.

How do you rest?

I rest a lot. When I want to rest well, I travel abroad. Look at it now, you can see how my friends rally round me as I am coffered with the title of Yeye Oba of Iboro Kingdom. They will leave their husband and families to show love to me. We all know when to rest.

How was growing up for you?

I had a fun-filled experience growing up. Though, I was born in Oyo but I grew up in Lagos with my mother’s brother. He was late Alhaji Lasisi Adeleke.

Who is your mum?

(She burst out crying). My mum is of blessed memory. I miss her a lot as we were very close. She was a good woman. She taught me well and moulded me into a better person. Biola Orisabi Iya Osi (Mothers are gods). My mother died at 105 but do you know I cry whenever I remember her? My mother was a rare gem. My mother was a respected trader. She taught me all I know about business and she moulded me to be a good woman.


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