‘I made £100k in 100 days through social media and you can too’

Social media queen Anna Khanna helps businesses grow their Instagram platforms (Picture: Anna Khanna)

For most of us, staring at our mobile is what we do in our idle moments. Anna Khanna, however, has made a healthy living out of it.

The director of social media training business Socialista Media recently launched her own podcast in which she shares her tips for success, including how she earned a six-figure income in 100 days.

Anna started Socialista Media three-and-a-half years ago and has helped more than 10,000 global businesses grow their Instagram platforms.

Do you peer at your phone all day?

[Laughs] It sometimes seems that way. My screen time on my phone is from ten to 14 hours a day then I use my MacBook & iPad also.

I am conscious of my screen time, though, so love my walks without my phone if I can.

All my work is mainly done on my phone — communication, content creation and even some filming.

You made £100,000 in 100 days, how was that possible — and can I do it, too?

Of course you can. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

When our business basically lost all our clients due to Covid I concentrated on giving value and helping people for free, which people loved, and that in turn lead to a huge increase in selling our courses and my one-to-one coaching.

I felt like I was given the gift of time so used that time by going live and giving tips and advice on Instagram and Facebook. I built so many relationships this way also.

What did you splash out once you were financially secure?

I did my flat up a lot and I absolutely love the style of it now. I work from home and being in a nice setting is so important.

I also bought a few designer items and I love my monthly holidays which makes me more productive when I come home. I work 14-hour days when I am home so I need short little breaks to keep inspo and creativity coming.

Lamborghini or Rolls Royce?

Lambo, definitely. I love the Urus. At the moment I have a Range Rover Velar which was my dream car. I also love the Porsche Panamera.

Cash or card?

Card. I love my Amex as I get points for Amazon, so nearly all of my Amazon purchases are free.

Spender or saver?

Both. I always make sure I have my tax and VAT saved and last year I purchased shares and crypto — hopefully by the end of this year I will start a property portfolio. Fingers crossed.

Anna Khanna sitting at her desk

Anna says the golden rule to earning big is working smarter, not harder (Picture: Anna Khanna)

So you don’t mind a bit of risk when it comes to money?

Business is a risk itself. I’ve risked money in the business by making services that don’t sell, by using costly influencers that don’t convert to sales and by spending thousands on Facebook ads that don’t convert to clicks.

I don’t have money in ISAs but I do in shares and crypto — I only invested what I could afford at the time. I’ve nearly paid off my mortgage and really want a large property portfolio.

When was the last time you checked the price tag?

I still check the price tag. I wanted a top and thought it was really overpriced so chose not to buy it. I am careful with my money and still smart with it.

I sell some of my clothes on Instagram, I always try to find a discount code and save money every month. I definitely don’t want to waste any money.

Golden rule to making money?

Work smart and not hard. Find a way to scale quick so you see growth quick. And plan your year so you know when money in coming in.

First thing you’d do if you lost all your money overnight?

Start making money again. I love the industry I’m in. Social media isn’t going anywhere and it’s so important for any business out there so I know my business will always be needed.

What would you buy if money was no object?

A five-bedroom villa in Ibiza so I could fly friends and family out there all summer.

Best way to make money out of social media?

Giving value, so sharing free tips and advice, and influencers. Lots of A/B testing is needed to prove profitability.

And your best advice for making money?

Do something you love and also create boundaries. We work more than we don’t work so we have to make sure it’s enjoyable and we don’t dread it.

Boundaries need to be created so you can still enjoy work life and non-work life. Both are super important.

Find out more about Socialista Media here.

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