Big fan of fried chicken? You can stay in a KFC-themed hotel

Available for a limited time only (Picture: KFC)

Ever been on a staycation and thought to yourself ‘this could do with more fried chicken?’

Well good old KFC has come to answer your prayers with their very on-theme House of Harland.

The pop-up staycation suite, based in Shoreditch, comes complete with a private cinema room and its own ‘chick-in’ clerk, who will be there to see to whatever you need.

There’s even a ‘press for chicken’ button, which will let the concierge know it’s time to bring you some tasty fried fowl.

Guests will be picked up and driven to the suite in a black Cadillac, which the team refer to as the ‘Colonelmobile’.

The decor will reflect your love for chicken right back at you, with nods to the glorious fried food on everything from the wallpaper and bedding to an arcade game

Tempted? (Picture: KFC/Metro)

The House of Harland isn’t going to be a permanent London fixture, however – you only have 11 days to chose from between August 18 to 29 before it shuts up shop.

A reference to the 11 herbs and spices that go into KFC’s famous fried chicken, you’re also not able to book a stay there until 11am on Wednesday August 11.

The dream (Picture: KFC/Metro)

And the price of a night? £111, with all of the proceeds going to the KFC Foundation, which is a charity set up by the fast-food giant that supports organisations for young people across the UK.

Interested? You’ll need to head to (the link won’t work until August 11, so don’t be alarmed at it not showing up properly before then) to book when you’re able.

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