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Why VIVA Detergent Is Selling Like Hot Cake – Head, Marketing, ASPIRA Nigeria Ltd, SANTHOSH KUMAR NAIR

Why VIVA Detergent Is Selling Like Hot Cake – Head, Marketing, ASPIRA Nigeria Ltd, SANTHOSH KUMAR NAIR

Aspira Nigeria Limited is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of personal health care and laundry products in Nigeria. Located in the Northern commercial city of Kano, Aspira Nigeria Ltd. began operations in Nigeria in 2009, with the production of various detergents and soaps. Today it has expanded to 12 manufacturing facilities and their products are distributed across Nigeria.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, Aspira decided to develop a detergent that could reduce the risk of spreading illness-causing viruses in addition to keeping clothes stain-free, adding that to their Viva Detergent packs. That initiative gave birth to Viva Plus Laundry Sanitizer, Nigeria’s leading detergent and multi-purpose soap which was developed under multi-enzyme and eco-friendly technologies and contains zero per cent bleach. It is gentle on fabrics and works even in cold water.

April 2021, Aspira Nigeria signed a deal with international superstar, Davido (David Adeleke) as the brand ambassador for VIVA – their flagship and one of Nigeria’s leading detergent & multipurpose soap brands in Nigeria.  Aspira decided to sign on the prolific hitmaker and boss of DMW because of his dynamism, popularity among Nigerian youths and his hardworking disposition which has put Nigeria on the global music map.

Davido is no doubt through his music-making Nigerians proud all over the world. That is why is one of Nigeria’s top brands. He has contributed immensely towards the entertainment industry in Nigeria. He continues to inspire millions of Nigerian youths and this is in consonance with the core values at Aspira which is youth empowerment, because there is an alignment between Davido’s vision and the core values of Viva as a brand. The synergy between both brands would impact society in positive, unique and significant ways. In this exclusive interview with City People’s Titilope Oshunlalu the Head, Marketing, Aspira Nig. Ltd., Santhosh Kumar Nair revealed how Aspira products have been making waves in the market. Enjoy this insightful chat.

Unemployment is an issue in Nigeria, especially among the Youths, does your Company plan to contribute your own quota in addressing this?

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Being an indigenous company in Nigeria, Aspira has been offering employment to qualified Nigerian youths in various departments including manufacturing facilities. Today we have more than 5000 staff working in the company. In addition to our current product range, we are already set to launch new product categories such as dental care, new beauty soap, household cleaners etc. We are on a mission to offer more job opportunities with the expansion of manufacturing facilities, sales locations and other various departments.

Months after the unveiling of Davido as Viva Ambassador, how is the partnership going?

Having an international superstar as our brand ambassador is always an added value. By endorsing Davido, we have improved fanbase and brand loyalty on both online & offline platforms. No doubt the partnership would significantly contribute to gain and maintain market leadership.

Viva detergent has a very nice smell, hope the quality will remain the same, in the next 2 or 3 years?

Viva is one of the best brands of detergent currently available in the market due to its product quality, packaging and its unique fragrance. We also have competitive pricing over other brands. If you start using Viva, it will be hard for you to switch to other brands. That’s the confidence it can build in you. With the current product demand in the market, Viva product quality remains the same for the years to come. We have added a new variant – Laundry Sanitizers recently and a brand-new perfumed detergent will be launched soon in Nigeria.

Viva toilet soap, bath soap, sanitisers are all very good, and we know viva perfume will soon be in the market, how soon are we expecting it?

We are already in the final stage of the launch of the new perfumed detergent. The launch is expected within the 3rd quarter of the year.

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Viva products are new in the market, but, the quality is high and highly acceptable, how do you maintain the quality of the products?

We do maintain the quality of the products through the process of having a quality management system and a solid product strategy. Good products must have a solid value proposition, be understandable by users, perform their tasks as easily and efficiently as possible, and become better and best the more they are used to it.

What outlets can we get Viva detergent or Aspira products?

Aspira products are available in all markets and in various outlets such as retails shops, department stores and supermarkets.

Is there any difference in the sales of VIvaplus since Davido was the brand ambassador?

It is too early for us to comment. But the brand value has significantly improved on both online & offline media.

What have been the response of Aspira customers as regards their products?

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Our customer retention rates are very high. Each and every product launched by Aspira in the market are carefully designed to meet up the customer needs. Hence, the product quality and price competitiveness are some of the key reasons why the customers endorse Aspira.


Why VIVA Detergent Is Selling Like Hot Cake – Head, Marketing, ASPIRA Nigeria Ltd, SANTHOSH KUMAR NAIR was last modified: July 21st, 2021 by City People

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