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List Of 30 Beautiful IBADAN Celebrity Women

List Of 30 Beautiful IBADAN Celebrity Women

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In the ancient city of Ibadan, a brand new set of society women are evolving. They are beautiful. They are stylish. And they are also sociable. When you see them at many parties held in Ibadan. they always command respect with their unique styles and beauty. There is no how you will see them at any party and your head won’t turn in their direction to admire their GLAM look.

Before, it used to be at Lagos parties you tend to see these sets of beautiful celebrity women. They were practically dominating the social scene in Lagos. They are the celebrity women that the media gets to report about day in, day out, and that actually added to their feathers, as they took over 100 per cent They occupied quite a larger part of the society and remain relevant when it comes to the association. Most Lagos beautiful celebrity ladies, especially of different age groups, have not only caught the bug of making themselves relevant at society parties alone but on social media as well, as they share their wealth of knowledge, experiences, in the corporate sector, or goods and services. Some are stylish icons who dazzle with the numerous styles they wear to parties’ week in, week out. Whether you are looking for a good way to kick off your day or an excellent way to calm your nerves after a stressful day, Lagos celebrities are sure to get you cheered up with their styles.

But now it looks like the table is gradually turning. Or let us say there is strong competition going on now among the Southwest celebrity ladies, especially in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State. Many powerful and beautiful celebrity ladies are now emerging. And they are doing well.  Many of these ladies are equally popular, stylish and beautiful. There are these new sets of celebrity women we get to see on the social scene these days, but the media hardly talk about, and they are quite noticeable. They are beautiful, stylish & classy. Whenever they step into a party, all heads usually turn in their direction, on account of their glamorous presence. When you see them either in Aso Ebi or a normal outfit, they always dazzle. They use expensive jewellery and their combination is always on point. Some of them are well to do. They work in corporate organizations, they are into businesses, and some of them are fabrics merchants while some are CEO of many notable companies. Some of these pretty ladies we are talking about also married to notable and respected society men in Ibadan.

For example, Yetunde Ademola Alimi popularly known as Ystone is one of the society women rocking Ibadan social scenes. She’s pretty and gorgeous. She is the wife of the famous Ibadan business tycoon, Alhaji Ademola Alimi Olokuta otherwise known as Stone. What about the wife of Ibadan popular Fashion designer, Bashy Kuti? His wife, Toyin is also one of the pretty celebrity ladies rocking the Ibadan social scene now. This elegant and beautiful lady always rocks parties with his handsome socialite husband, Bashy Kuti, and whenever you see her your head must turn, why? Because of her beauty and her expensive wear.

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