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Late ARINOLA ADENIYI’s Siblings Pay Tribute To Her

The remains of late Wellness Coach, Arinola Adeniyi, the CEO of Venivici Spa was laid to rest in Lagos. Let’s tell you a bit about her. ARINOLA ADEWUNMI ADENIYI was born on October 30,1960, in Ibadan into the family of Pa Ebenezer Ekundayo and Mrs. Esther Mogbejuloritse Adeniyi. Her late father, known as Daddy to members of the Adeniyi and Ikomi families, studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and went on to work with the Western Regional Government, including WNDC. He later became Managing Director of Wrought Iron Nigeria Limited (WIN) until he voluntarily retired in 1973. Her late mother, affectionately known as Mummy by all, was a serial entrepreneur. She worked for the United Africa Company (UAC) – Kingsway Stores in different parts of Nigeria and retired as a senior staff of UAC in 1984.

Arinola’s family was close-knit, and she grew up in a home where God was at the center. Her immediate family was characterized by love, kindness, oneness, and integrity. These values were characteristic of Arinola and were most visible in her working life. Arinola and her siblings namely: Ireti, Tunde, Funmi, Segun and Toyin shared a very deep bond, most especially with her sisters. She was a mother to her nieces and celebrated milestones with them. She was there for their visiting days, concerts, graduations, confirmations, weddings and supported them financially, spiritually, and emotionally. This love for her nieces was extended to their children who fondly referred to her as “Mummy A”. Arinola’s grand-niece and grand-nephews brought her so much joy and they always looked forward to spending time with her.

Because of the loving and generous nature her parents had and shared, Arinola was also very close to her cousins.

She was more like a sister, than a cousin to them having grown up with them. She also formed friendships with classmates, church members and colleagues she met during her lifetime.

Her elementary education was at Ibadan City Council Practicing School and later St. Theresa’s College, Ibadan for her secondary education. She attended the University of Ife and graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Economics. Arinola obtained an MBA from the University of Lagos and then embarked on a banking career which spanned 17 years.

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Arinola was a highly skilled and prolific banker who spent her career raising standards for women in the finance industry. As an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, she served as Secretary to the Association of Professional Women Bankers for several years and then became 2nd Vice Chairman until 2002.

In 2002, she retired from her banking career as a Deputy General Manager to pursue her passion for all things beautiful, pioneering the wellness industry in Nigeria via Venivici.

Arinola’s vision for wellness in the corporate sector was the major driving force for the birthing of Venivici Health Club and Urban Spa, and certified beauty courses. She successfully turned her Passion into a Profession not only for herself but for several other people who passed through Venivici’s doors.

Venivici’s story is a testament to the diligence, passion, and energy that characterised Arinola. As Rector of VeniviciAcademy, she developed a Beauty Syllabus that has become a standard framework for the successful implementation of Lagos State Technical and Vocational Board’s (LASTVEB) Graduate Vocational Employability Skill TrainingProgramme. The Lagos State Schools Initiative Award in 2013 lends credence to this accomplishment.

Arinola was very intentional about passing on, not only excellence to the industry but integrity, values, and ethics; thus, supporting the State Government’s Initiative of Skills Acquisition and reducing unemployment in the state. She remained involved in the training program of the Academy.

Arinola was a God-lover whose passion for sharing His love and winning soul for Chrit led to her contribution and involvement with several charities, for orphans, and widows. Her involvement with Saidia for Children of Africa, Spinal Cord Injuries Association of Nigeria was especially appreciated via several plaques received by her Venivici for Christ Evangelism Platform.

Arinola spoke faith filled words ALWAYS – no matter the circumstance, and as a firm believer of positive affirmations, “I’m believing God” was legendary as her personal mantra – a boast of a God who always came through for her! She was a graduate of the three-tiers of the Word of Faith Bible Institute Lagos.

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As a Corporate Wellness Coach, Diet & Nutrition Specialist, Colon Therapist and Esthetician, Arinola believed in nurturing and mentoring younger Therapists and Entrepreneurs. She was a WISCARS (Women in Successful Career) mentor, she also mentored on the WIMBIZ (Women in Management and Business and Public Service), and YOU WIN Platforms in the past as well. She received several awards for entrepreneurship and excellence including the Kwame Nkrumah African Leadership Award for Excellence in Enterprise.

She served on the Board of Covenant University from 2005-2010 and was Secretary to the Covenant University Endowment Fund. She was also a member of the Inspired Women of Worth and Lame Olusola Coaching Academy and Women’s Ministry at House on The Rock, Lagos.

Arinola was a fashionista diva for Christ. She loved to dance and wear her high heels; you would never guess she was 60 from the shoes she wore! Arinola loved to celebrate people but shied away from being celebrated. She was very young at heart and could relate with the old and young easily. She will be deeply missed. Sun re o Arinola.  Below are the tributes of her siblings.


I am writing this tribute with a heavy and painful heart. Arinola our hearts are broken and bleeding by your sudden and painful death. I am short of words but there is no way I can avoid writing about my late beautiful sister with a good heart and harmless smile on her pretty face, you were a good example of a daughter of ZION, from JERICHO TO EKO COURT TOWERS.

Oh how is the mighty fallen like an Iroko tree?

We cannot ask God why you left us so soon for He loves you more than us and He wants you to be with Him early, to continue your star trek from glory to Greater Glory. Tears cannot heal our wounds and pains, only God can by His Grace.

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Nobody could have imagined you ending your life this way because you were a health and wellness ambassador; coach and advocate. You were a lifelong sister and friend to us. In fact the only force that has cut us offis this sudden and untimely demise. God made you a star from birth and all your achievements came early in life because you had a dream and you did everything with great passion and dedicated ability which paved way for your success in your education, as a school teacher, a banker and your private business which you capped with Venivici (The Sanctuary of Wellness) which you nurtured with great leadership skills. Your time in life was short but your achievements were great.

Wearing a soft loving glow on your sweet beautiful face with that armless smile you had many pet names by which you were called like, Arinsco, Arin Baby, (She answers “Arin o se Baby o”) as she was growing up) Lately Triple ‘A’ i.e Arinola Adewunmi Adeniyi and I called you Arinmex International, Venivici my Princess.

Arinola you were an epitome of beauty admired by all of us. You were brilliant smart with wisdom and a forgiving heart. Even when people hurt you and the issue comes up, you would say “it is past tense” which means you have forgotten about it.

Adewunmi you were a piece of our hearts. There is no time limit to heal this grief, because you were a TREASURE to us, even more than Diamond. You derived joy in helping people and making them succeed in their callings and enterprises although some of them paid you back with bad coins. A pretty lady with a BIG HEART. Despite all your travails and challenges of life, you lived a happy and fulfilled life. You touched people’s lives positively at times to you own detriment. The people that hurt you, you forgave them with your godly heart and moved forward with a heart of gold to GREATER HEIGHTS in life.

You lived an exemplary Christian life and served GOD with all you had. You made a mark in the congregation of God. ARINOLA you were a prophetess as you named your beauty and wellness spa Venivici and indeed you came, you saw and you conquered. In fact, you were more than a conqueror (Romans 8vs 37).

Our darling sister I can see God’s Angels receiving you into the bosom of the Lord in PARADISE.

ARINOLA- Rest in Peace.

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Yours loving brother,

Tunde Adeniyi


How??? Why me, your big sister, writing your tribute! O ye Oluwa. I am heartbroken, my heart is bleeding. You were just on my mind all week and listening to a Christian programme online that we should pray against “sudden death” it was you I was praying for! Then I said to myself why are you praying for Arin and not yourself?

I decided I would come and see you on Sunday 6th June. I met you weak but not in a critical condition. You agreed to go to your hospital and that is the part I do not  understand because I left the hospital at 3am, you called me at 7.38am and spoke for about 2mins and you were pronounced dead at 8.05am. Can someone tell me what happened between 7.38am and 8.05 am?

Arinola, I am yet to come to terms with the fact that you have left me. We fought and made up, we laughed and your laughter  was hearty and infectious. You loved Nike, Tiwa and Laitan to bits but you were strict and firm with them. You were always there for them when they were born, birthdays, open days, concerts, confirmation, and weddings. Always, always, always with your very generous contributions.

You were passionate about the SPA and I was forced to come in for colonies and foot detox (for free). When I suggested a few services that you should include to generate more income you replied “that is not my vision, you don’t seem to understand what a SPA is” and I will say “Sorry o”.

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I can go on and on, someone I have known for over 60 years, what can I write that will capture what we shared; the bad times, the good times. Ha! Iku, oro nla lo da. Pastor Paul has said you are in a better place and I believe so. Aburo mi, sleep on. Your sister,

Funmi Ladele

I’m short of words. I don’t know where to start nor end. I’m still in shock. Rest in perfect peace my sweet sister. Till We Meet Again.

Segun Adeniyi

It is hard to speak in past tense but I will do my best. My confidant and prayer partner. Baby girl, world traveller, omalicha like I would address you. One of the lessons I learned from you was to take care of my whole self; body, spirit and soul, never settle for anything less than what I deserve.

Your constant spiritual practice and unwavering faith in Christ caused you to glow from within. Your memories live forever in my heart and that of the family. This loss is indescribable and I am unable to put it into words but so is the love I have for you.

You will be deeply missed. I don’t understand why God called you home but I am grateful to have had the honour of being your sister. Life will not be the same without you and I promise to live it as you had – fearlessly and with open arms.

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Toyin Adeniji (Sister)


Center of Wealth! In the Middle! The Rallying Center! Effervescent! Immaculate!

Writing this tribute is a formalization of a cathartic experience of the hurt in me now, because it shouldn’t be you.

I drove you to that hospital, not knowing your goodnight will be my goodbye at Ebony Cemetery. {A mystery till this moment}You were ill, still vibrant and full of life! Words cannot express the depth of pain I still carry. My dear Aaaaarinnnnn! Your text came in at 7:28 am, “Abbey Thank You” At 8:15 am Nike was sobbing on the phone “My Mom has been calling you, Is it true” What?

You left this sinful world at 8:05 am. What happened between the hours of 03 am that we left you and 805 am of your loss? Hmmmnnnnn! The answer that I will never find nor ever understand, but I take solace that your serving and loving God just opened the heaven doors for you. Your sudden eternal departure left

a big hole in my heart. Surely you are now an angel up above. In everything, “ka sa ma dupe”

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ARINOLAADEWUNMI ADENIYI you were my SISI, my Friend and my Confidant!

For those blessed with the opportunity to know you in your earthly journey, you were a great Mom, Amazing aunt, Sweetest cousin, Hardworking, Brilliant, Smart, Intelligent, God loving, Humane, Focus, Unassuming, Gentle Soul, Delicate, Strong, Deep, Detail, Rare, Perfectionist, Earthly Angel whose smile lighten the heart of everyone around her, Just & Fair, and above all, Lover of Healthy Living & Wellness.

You will be greatly missed by all!


Biodun Ade Adeniji (Abbey)


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Although our hearts are broken, we will weep no longer, because you are in a better place, where you are happier and free. You had to go, but you have left behind good memories to comfort us.

One day we will be together again to laugh and sing Hallelujah with God’s Angels. You will be glad to see us again. It will seem you were just gone for one day. We will lift our heads up that day and then set grief aside, because you will be waiting to welcome us to the other side.

Your darling sister,

Monica Adeniyi

Arin, My dearest Sister and friend, This is not how you should have left this wicked world prematurely. It means now I can no longer hear you call me “On Bras” “Bras o Bras”.

I know you have the God kind of love and faith and that is why you are at the Bosom of Abraham surrounded by the twenty four elders praising and worshipping God. One of these days we shall meet in paradise and will remain together till eternity.

Rest in Perfect Peace My Dearest Arin.

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Dere Eda


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