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EMANUELLA ROPO & Siblings Pay Tribute To Late Dad



Chief Stephen Gboyega Adisa Odebiyi was born on Friday, December 1st. 1939. His parents were Chief Vincent Babatunde Odebiyi the Baba Ijo of SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Itesi, Abeokuta and the mother, Chief (Mrs) Roseline Oladunjoye Ajike Odebiyi a distinguished trader of blessed memory.

Chief S. G. Odebiyi had his primary education at the Augustine’s Catholic School, Itesi, Abeokuta and his Secondary School at the prestigious St. Gregory College, Obalende, Lagos. Pa. Diyaolu is one of the surviving classmate.

The current Alafin of Oyo HRM Adeyemi was his senior at St. Gregory’s College. Chief S. G. Odebiyi at the college was a lower of boxing and a good soccer player. He was nicknamed ‘Iron Led”. After his Secondary Education, Chief S. G. Odebiyi was employed at the Nigerian Ports Authority during which he embarked on various service training program. His love for education eventually made him to be promoted to the post of Port Supervisor within a few years of employment.

Chief S. G. Odebiyi voluntarily retired from Nigerian Ports Authority. He returned home in 1982 and started a business of his own “Kojiya Nig. Enterprises – A building contractor and supplier of building materials.

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Chief Odebiyi proved that he was not tired yet, so he followed his father’s footsteps and joined the Ogun State Judiciary as a Customary Court Judge in 1987. From an ordinary member of Grade (3), he rose to the position of President of Grade 1 Customary Court.

Before calling it a quit in the Ogun State Judiciary, Chief Odebiyi was sponsored to various seminars and training on the improvement of service delivery in the customary justice at various locations within the country.

He made sure all his children were given the best education and instill in them fear of God and cultural values. Chief Odebiyi had a keen interest in the Egbas and indeed cultural heritage.

He was installed the chieftaincy title Baage Parakoyi Itesi, from where he rose to become the head i.e “Oluwo of two townships-Itesi and Ibarapa Taafin.”

Until his last breathe, Chief S. G. Odebiyi was a custodian of culture, historian, disciplinarian, a good writer, God fearing, Fearless and Christian of the Catholic Faith.

Chief S. G. Odebiyi belonged to social and religious Societies. A member of the Abeokuta Sports Club, The Boys’s Scout, Sanmori Egba of Lagos, Supreme Mariners Club Lagos, St. John Bosco of SS Peter and Paul, St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Youth League, Special Road Marshall of FRSC to mention a few.

He is survived by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. The only sister Magaret Anike Abegunrin.

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Tribute to My daddy,  Dearest Baba Wenmo

I came into your life almost six decades ago with fanfare and pageantry, through the years I have gathered lots of priceless precious memories -birthday parties, pictures, movie night but most importantly lessons you taught me to always fear God and trust him in all my endeavors. Daddy dearest, is a dedicated father to all his children. I am forever grateful we the children were able to give you a grandest so” birthday party and when illness came gave you the best medical care during your brief illness. You have now joined your dearest wife, Chief (Mrs) Hannah Kikelomo

Odebiyi in eternal life with Christ.

During my stay with you in the Hospital, I came to understand the reasons you took certain stance on critical issues, you shared your wisdom with me, for which I am eternally grateful. You tasked me to resolve painful family rift, you then listened quietly as I discussed various issues with individuals sometimes late into the nights. in the morning, you’ll give me a nod for job well done. On my last visit, we held hands and cried together as if we knew death has come. Your reassurance that I will be alright has kept me going since you were gone.

Oluwo agbagba guro guro, erin woo I have known you to be a strong father, you are determined, fearless, good-willed, disciplined and loving. You are known to do what is right and never hold back to saying the truth regardless of whose Ox is gored. Through your brief illness you were resilient, though the last few weeks may have seemed difficult for us all, you were indeed reflective and at peace with yourself and your children. During the last hour of your death, it was a great privilege that Rev. Fr. Dominic Olagbaju was at your bedside to perform the last rite in the Catholic faith; sanctify you and give you the last Holy Communion during the hour of your death. I truly believe you were kept under the shadow of the Father Almighty as you seamlessly passed away in your sleep. The gentle hands of the Lord lifted you up to the higher place when you were tired, even with the best medical care available, he wrapped His arm around ou and whispered “come to me”.

As a devout Catholic, you were actively involved in church activities, a great scout and a custodian of the Yoruba culture and traditions. Now that you are gone, my heart bleeds and I’m deeply saddened as I remember that no one can step into your large shoes. Your selflessness, your supplications, your service to the church and community and your steadfastness will remain unforgotten.

Sun re o, baba mi Adisa omo olu kojiya.

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Chief (Mrs.) Stephanie Wemimo Olamide Ayo-Akinyemi

My Father! My Father!! A great man of tremendous dignity and grace. If I get started on all that

makes you the best father in the world, I probably would never finish. You held the ladder that

reached to our little stars. Your love as a father was total, unconditional and legendary. You were

the pillar of strength to all your children. Your Catholic faith was superb and excellent. We had

many heart to heart conversations that were perhaps more matured than my age, I appreciate that you spent few of your last days in my house which shows how much love you have for me.

Still I can’t believe your lovely smiles have gone with your dancing steps and your tenor voice.

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Baba mi ma jokun, ma’jekolo, nkan ti won ban je loun ni keba won je. Omobate omoba mojaji itesi oroki omo Olukojiya. Omo mara mara ti nra igba eru lojo. Sun re oooo.

– Mrs. Motunrayo Ololade Adesanya


With gratitude to God for a life well spent, daddy transitioned to glory.

Chief Daddy Mogbonjubola Oladoyinbo, rest in peace in the bosom of your maker. You held my tiny hands when I was a little girl and taught me to read early which influenced my passion for reading. You’re the hero of my childhood and my later years as well. Dad was so proud of all his children till he breathe his last.

Dad lived a life that was full of joy, fun, poise, grace, blessings and fulfillment. I remember how

humorous, lively and fun my childhood memories of both dad and mom. They both taught us to

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love and serve God; love, respect and be kind to others.

Chief Daddy was a fine man and elegant, he faced life intelligently, with courage and wit. He was down to earth and was still fun to be around. Every time I think about you, my heart still fills with pride as I couldn’t have had a better Father who instilled so much in us.

A father’s love still travels on after he’s gone because he’s a treasure hidden in our hearts. So I

want to thank you S.G for all you did for us. Thank you dad for your legacies. Thank you dad for

being an advocate for girl’s education, it pays off today on your daughters. Thank you dad for the lessons of life and that against all odds, we should fear and love God. Thank you for teaching us how to dance and sing at a young age, it makes lots of difference in my personal devotion to

God …

I will always miss you and think of you with my brightest smile. I thank God for the privilege that we all outlived our parents.

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Sun re oo, Omo Oba Oye, Omo Oba Dansiki.

– Oyin Popoola.

A limb has fallen off the family tree. Oh death! Where is your sting?

I keep hearing a voice that says “Grieve not for me

Remember the best times we had, the laughter, the good life I lived, our banters, all I taught and showed you. Continue my heritage, I am counting on you”.

My Dad, Mogbonjubola Oladoyinbo Adisa. That is my favourite of your appellations. You were such a strong force, within the family and the communities you served. You lived exceptionally well and ended on a high note. You were full of life even as you aged gracefully, a merry maker, a hot stepper even at 81. You were forthright, upright, fearless, unwavering at your instances, fair and firm. These features you succinctly enunciated during your days as the President of the Customary Court Judges of Ogun State.

We know you were proud of each of us your children, and we are privileged to have you as our father, to have shapened and served us as a father would do. Your love for your children was phenomenal. We were your gold and treasure. My father was always prepared for any eventualities, a boy scout traits from the tender age of 8 years old.

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Your love for the church and for God cannot be over emphasized, hence you passionate and active roles within and outside the Diocese. You have ascended to where your voice is much needed, joining the angels to sing “Amazing Grace” to your maker.

We had lot to do and talk about, but … it was time and you needed to take a bow. RESPECTFULLY, Rest in peace till we meet again.

Adieu, Iron Leg.

– Mojoyinola.

Baba mi, Oroki omo olukojiya, omo enikanre, Ajanaku sun bi oke Erin wo, Orun re o, o di gbere, o darinako o tun d’oju ala…….Little did I know your 80th birthday was a preview of how your demise will be and saying goodbye to us all. …. You requested for the Catholic last rite, took the last sacrament, sang your best hymns, went to bed and passed away in your sleep. I miss you with every ounce and atom in me. Your exit is my SCAR. I miss your jovial nature, your humor, your love, candid advise and your pure heart of gold. There are not many men in this world like you. You groomed and nurtured me with love. You treated everyone the same irrespective of social status, personality, class and what have you. I learnt so much from you yet I didn’t tap enough from your vast wealth of knowledge. Your passion for law and justice was all running in your veins. Blunt, vocal, knowledgeable, firm and fair in all circumstances. A thousand words is not enough to describe you nor pen down the sadness I feel inside. I pray for your soul today just as i do ever since the Lord called you home, that your soul finds eternal rest in the Lord. I’m comforted because you are in a better place and watching over us. You taught me how to play the games of life and their rules.

Oluwo Itesi has gone to the great beyond. The mighty OROKI that stands tall and proud of his status, the daddy of thousands of achievers, the scout master of many explorers, the history master of our generation, The Scion of the famous Odebiyi Clan of Itesi. Abeokuta ….. Adieu! A devoted Catholic, committed family man, community mobilizer and leader who’s respect for culture and traditions is second to none. I’m so sure my late mother Chief (Mrs.) Hannah Kikelomo ODEBIYI will be waiting at the gate to receive her ever loving husband. Grief is the price we pay for love, many people long for a father’s love. I had it and I have it still, I’m paying the price for having a good father, I got the wonder, the joy, the tender moments -and I’m getting the tears at the end…….. Reminiscing the unforgettable sweet childhood memories at Itesi. The loss of my father will always sting. You have been there for me, no matter what bad choices I might have made … you lovingly repaired my broken spirit, helped me plot a new course, and set me free to fly on my own once again. There is no greater love than that. It pains me each day I remember that a Rare Gem is no more but I’m consoled by this fact that you left sweet spots of joy, happiness and prosperity and there is another fellowship in heaven and there we shall meet to part no more.

You will always be special to me, and no matter where life takes me. I’ll remember you with love. You will be my forever inspiration and icon. Even in death, I love you unconditionally. Orun ire o. Baba mi. Oluwo Asape Ola. Itesi Oroki, ma j’Okunrun, ma j’Ekolo, ohun ti won nje l’ajule orun ni ko ma a bawonje.

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ADIEU baba mi, omo erinjogun ola.

– Chief Mrs. Emmanuella Ropo Adewale


Love leaves a memory no one can steal, but your death leaves a memory no one can heal and it remains with me forever, knowing the ability impacted by you into my life.

You were a role model and a father to many. A n intelligent, witty, strong-willed and honest man.

Your handsomeness caused many heartbreaks, your love for purity and certainty is evident by your choice of wearing white as your brand. A man full of jokes and great personality. You always stress the importance of education and hard work in life to become a great person.

Daddy, my heart bleeds each time I remember that you are gone, but your loving and caring fatherly role will continue lingering in my heart.

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I don’t know where to begin, all I keep thinking is how I wish I had that “one more” opportunity to see you daddy, to hear your voice and to see you smile or even crack a joke. You stood by me

when life threw my first test at my feet. You did everything for us all. When you couldn’t hold my hands physically, you had my back. You were always there when I needed you.

I love you dad, you were my hero, you taught me how to stand up for myself and what I believe in. I am happy that I’m one of your children. Thinking about how I followed you everywhere and people keep calling me “Iyawo Daddy e” and even the resemblance, and how I boasted to anyone who cared to listen that I will take you along with me to my husband’s house brings smiles to my face and I remember your smile also. Dad you are in my heart, and you are here in spirit even as I’m typing now. I will always love you and miss you Dad … Continue to rest in peace Dad. Adieu!!

– Mrs. Morefunke Aina


Losing a precious and loved one is one of the most painful things we can go through in life. I believe no words can express these feelings. Daddy, you lived a wonderful, peaceful and well organized life. You not only value education, culture and tradition, you paid meticulous attention to your children’s education and cultural lives, because to you and my precious mum, these things are the best legacy a man could bestow on his children. You taught us to be faithful in our dealings. Above all, I give glory and gratitude to God for a Christian and rewarding life baami

spent. Rest in peace Daddy!

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– Your son

Babatunde Odebiyi


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