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My Man Is A Serial Cheat!

Ask Dr Love

GOOD day, Mr. Wale, I don’t want to disclose my name in this text because of some personal reasons. I have been in a relationship with a guy for over four years now and he never gives me the right to come to his place without prior notice of the day and time. The serious of it is that he’s a liar, a cheat and he’s never truthful to me, which I know myself. There was a day I saw in his phone a lady’s number he saved as ‘Baby Joy” whereas my name is saved in Lisa name as just my name. Mr. Wale, I love him but I have lost my faith in him. Tell me, what do I do?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Are you still asking me to tell you what you should do? For God’s sake, you girls just never cease to amaze me. A guy treats you like some junk the cat dragged in, tramples all over your dignity as a woman and you still say you don’t know what do? If you were my kid sister, I would not hesitate to spank you for this. How could you be so naive? You say a guy is a liar and a cheat and you could never go to his uninvited, yet it didn’t occur to you to drop him like bad habit?? I also ask this question, what is it with girls and bad boys? Why are you always stuck in love with the boys that bring you nothing but bad news? Its pretty obvious this guy doesn’t give a hoot about you, neither does he care about your feelings, so why would you claim you love him? You want my candid advice? Delete him from your memory, he doesn’t deserve the smallest space in it!

Hello Wale, I need your advice urgently. I have a guy whom I love dearly, but the problem is that ever since my mum set her eyes on this guy, she has hated him with a passion that frightens me. And when I ask my mother what the problem is with my boyfriend, all she tells me is that her spirit does not agree with his, that he will definitely cause me serious heartbreak. My boyfriend thinks it’s because he’s not from a privileged background cos my folks are quite wealthy. But I don’t mind and I expect my mum to respect my choice and respect my guy, who by the way, is very hard working, but she’s not doing that. I’m really losing my cool, Wale I don’t know what to do. Please, don’t publish my number.

You didn’t tell me your name and most importantly, you didn’t state your age. But it’s okay. Now, you will have to be careful here how you go about this matter. If you want to do anything at all, it will be to appeal to your mum to give your guy a chance and get to know him better. Let her know the prospects your guy has to be a successful young man, and most importantly, why you’re sure he’s the last person that will break your heart like your mum is worried he’ll do. Do not argue with her or get into a shouting match over your guy’s case, this will only make her more resolute in her resolve to disapprove of him. Talk to your partner too and let him understand that your mum’s attitude has nothing with to do with his status, that she’s only being protective of you, thats all. If your guy begins to show the right attitude and continues to work hard at elevating himself, your mum might just begin to show him some respect and approve of him. She might also admire his perseverance and steadfastness, realizing that her daughter might never find a better man. Best of luck.

Hello Uncle Wale, I need your help. I am a seventeen year old girl, a year one student in one of the universities. People say I’m pretty and I also think I am. My problem is that I don’t know how to say ‘no’ to guys when they come toasting me. But at the end of the day when they get tired of making love to me, they walk away and another set of guys will come toasting. I don’t know what to do Uncle Wale, please help me. Please, don’t reveal my number, Suzanne, Abuja. 

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For Christ’s sake, Suzanne, what is wrong with you? You have described yourself as pretty and a first year student of the university, what then is the reason why you’re doing this to yourself? Girls who go the path you’re walking now, often than not, end up battling with severe inferiority complex. When a woman has a terribly low esteem of herself, she grows timid and lacks the courage to look a man straight in the eye and tell him, ‘sorry, I’m not interested.’ You’ve got to wake up, snap out of this illusion you’re in and stop these ‘vultures’ you call boyfriends from draining you of all the sweetness and goodness that’s been deposited in you by mother nature. If at the age of seventeen you have lost count of the number of men you’ve been in bed with, what happens by the time you’re through with university? You would’ve emaciated greatly as a result of being ‘over sexed’ if you will permit my grammar! Please, Suzanne, stop doing this to yourself, these guys will only vandalize your body, suck you dry and dump you like a piece of trash. Do not allow yourself become a trash can of semen for irresponsible men. Don’t be cheap, add value to your body and tell yourself that no man that’s not worth his salt will ever get the privilege to date you ever again. Wish you the best. 


My Man Is A Serial Cheat! was last modified: June 21st, 2021 by Wale Lawal

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