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Blood Every Where!! | City People Magazine

Rosie's Diary

For a moment, Aunty Lisa was just staring at me. Her mouth opened, her jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It couldn’t be true. Me, one of the most decent and adored girls in the neighbourhood, pregnant? She was speechless.

“Rose baby, what…what did you just say?” She finally found the voice to speak.

“I’m pregnant, Aunty Lisa, please, help me…”I begged her as I started to cry my eyes out again.

“You? Pregnant? But how?” she asked, looking me up from my head down to my toes as though she could get confirmation of my pregnancy from some part of my body. “But I never saw you with a boy, how come you of all people are pregnant?” she’d wondered aloud.

“I was raped, Aunty Lisa.” I told her as I wiped tears away from my eyes.

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“Raped? By who?” she asked, totally shocked.

“By a…..a friend,” I replied quietly, unsure how I would narrate my story to her and she’ll believe me.

“Your boyfriend, right?” she asked me.

“No, Aunty, he wasn’t my boyfriend. He was just a friend. I went to his house the first time and he drugged me and raped me after I refused to let him have sex with me.” And, from the very beginning, I told her everything that happened without leaving out what Bobby’s uncle did to me as well. By the time I was shocked, she was in absolute shock.

“Oh, my God, you this small girl, you have been through a lot o,” she sympathized with me. ‘And you couldn’t tell anybody what you’re going through?”

“I couldn’t tell anybody, Aunty Lisa, who would believe me? You are the only one I could turn to that I know will not judge me because you’re still a young lady yourself.”

“So, the uncle of the boy too raped you and then moved to Lagos?” she asked aloud, not that she needed any response.

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“Yes, Aunty,” I nodded, sobbing heavily. “My parents will kill me, Aunty, if they find out I’m pregnant, please, help me, I beg you,” I reached for her hands and held them tightly in mine.

The lady was pensive for a while. I couldn’t tell what was going on in her mind but I hoped she was searching for a solution to my problem.

“Okay, I think I know what to do,” she finally said. “How old is the pregnancy now?”

“It’s almost two months old,” I replied, hopeful she had found a way out for me.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Aunty, the doctor told me so,”

“Okay, fine. No problem,” she returned, her eyes suddenly coming to life. “You will give me a few minutes, I need to get to the chemist down the road, I will be back shortly with the drug that will finally get you out of this mess!”

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 I had never prayed like the way I did while I waited for Aunty Lisa to return from the pharmacy. She was my last hope. If anyone could help me at this critical time, its Aunty Lisa. And I was sure that she could keep my secret for as long as she breathed. She had always been one of the ladies I admired in the neighbourhood because of her beauty, confidence and poise but, my parents, and most parents in the neighbourhood for that matter, didn’t think she could make a great role model for any of their kids. And the only reason for this was because she was a single lady who seemed to be doing well for herself and couldn’t be bothered about what people thought about her. She also did a bit of business on the side and made a bit of money for herself. But still, many felt she largely survived living off men who ‘patronized’ her. My parents never really liked her. They didn’t want me to ever see her as the sort of lady I admired for any reason.

“Rose baby, I have got something for you,” Aunty Lisa finally arrived. She held a small paper bag in her hand, it obviously contained the drug she had bought for me.

“Oh, thank you very much, Aunty Lisa, God bless you,” I went on my knees to show gratitude.

She promptly pulled me back on my feet. “No, Rose baby, get up, its nothing. You’re like my own little sister and I am doing the same thing I would do for my own kid sister if she was in the same situation,” she said to me. “Now, take the drug, you must take this right away with boiled water. By tomorrow morning, you will go to the toilet and evacuate everything inside you and that will be the end.”

I brought out the pack, it contained a sachet of six tablets. “Am I supposed to take everything at once or separately?” I asked her. “You’re taking everything at once o, everything, but you must use it with hot water. Do you want to take it here or you’ll take it when you go over to your place?”

“No, Aunty, I will take it here,” I quickly told her. And immediately, she got up and boiled water for me.

“I feel so sorry for you, dear, after all that you have been through. But you must be very careful from now on, many of these guys you think are decent are actually beasts in human clothing. Please, be very careful, okay?” she advised me.

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Soon, the water was slightly hot enough for me to use, she poured it inside a cup for and I blew it a couple of times before finally using it to down the tablets. I thanked Aunty Lisa profusely and she told me everything I needed to do once I went to the toilet to ‘abort’ the pregnancy.

That night, I could barely sleep. I kept tossing and turning. It was as though the whole of my tummy was on fire. I was sweating profusely. I went to the toilet several times but I couldn’t pass out anything. I couldn’t go out in the middle of the night to see Aunty Lisa to advice me on what to do. I had to wait till morning. But by the time it was morning, all hell had broken lose, there was blood everywhere!


Blood Every Where!! was last modified: June 21st, 2021 by City People

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