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15 BIG Early Warning Signs Of A BAD Boyfriend


When you first fell in love with your guy, you may have believed that he’s the best boyfriend in the whole world. He woos you, awes you and impresses you. But as the days turn to months, something begins to change. He seems more distant, or worse, he doesn’t have time for you anymore. If you’ve experienced this stage in the relationship, perhaps it’s time for you to take a deeper look into your relationship.

And if you do find your boyfriend in the wrong here, communicate with him so he can realize what he’s doing. After all, it’s easy to take something important for granted. But if he still continues to hurt you through his behaviour, perhaps it’s time to walk out for good.

#1 He takes time. He often doesn’t answer your calls immediately even if he isn’t at work. And he always takes a lot of time to text you or call you back even when he’s not busy.

#2 He takes you for granted. He takes you and your gestures for granted. He just expects you to be sweet and helpful all the time, and he never reciprocates anything you do.

#3 No time for you. He doesn’t have time for you, but always has time for his friends and other activities. He’s active on facebook playing silly games, but he doesn’t have time to call you or meet you. He makes plans with you and cancels them often. And he always has a convincing excuse no matter what accusation you make.

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#4 All he wants is sex. Every time both of you meet, all he wants to do is make out with you and climb in between your legs. He gets annoyed if you just want to talk or hang out doing something else.

#5 He’s emotionally closed off. An early sign of a bad boyfriend is his disinterest in talking about the future or his feelings. He says he likes living in the present, but still makes future plans about everything else but the relationship.

#6 He has a lot of secrets. And most of these secrets have names of different girls. He may be chatting with them on social networks or speaking with them over the phone now and then. And even if you ask him who these girls are or how he knows them, he just brushes the conversation off or avoids talking about them.

#7 He’s controlling and manipulative. He’s seems very concerned about you and always tries to advise you on how you should lead your life. And as helpful as he seems, somehow you feel very stifled and suffocated in the relationship.

#8 He’s in touch with his ex. Does your boyfriend stay actively in touch with his ex, even though there’s no reason to? Both of them don’t work together, nor do they meet as friends in a group, but yet, he insists they’re good friends. And surprisingly, he doesn’t seem enthusiastic about you joining them each time he meets his ex. They’re just friends, right?

#9 He’s a smooth late night talker. He regularly talks to another girl almost every night, late into the night. This may be harmless to begin with, but late night conversations between attractive members of the opposite sex almost always have a way of going down the lane of flirty friends or emotional affairs. And it’s best avoided.

Tell him you’re not comfortable with the idea of him talking regularly to another girl late at night. If he cares enough about you, he’d understand your fear.

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#10 It’s always about him. Your boyfriend’s conversations always revolve around him and his problems. He’s not bothered about your problems or your life, and always cuts the conversation or changes the subject when you talk about yourself.

#11 He blames you. He blames you for his mistakes, shortcomings and failures at every chance he gets. “If only I hadn’t met you last night, I could have finished my work today!”

#12 It’s his way or the highway. He tries to boss over you or control everything you do. He always chooses what both of you should do when you’re with him. And if you choose to do something else, he gets angry or sulks the whole time

#13 He’s abusive. He may be a nice boyfriend most of the time, but his anger may bring out another side of his. Has he ever hit you or threatened you with dire consequences when he’s angry about something? Walk out right now.

#14 He can’t get along with your friends or family. A guy who is serious about you would always want to impress your family and friends because he wants to make a good impression on them, so they can approve of your choice.

Conversely, your friends think he’s not a good guy. When you’re in love, it’s easy to be clouded by emotions. But good friends can always see a break up months and years before it actually happens. So if the friends you trust have a point of view, listen to them. And even if they aren’t saying it out loud that he’s a bad boyfriend, watch out for hints in the conversation when you speak about your boyfriend with them.

#15 He doesn’t apologise. This is a bad boyfriend sign that can be noticed within a few weeks into the relationship. He has a big ego, and just doesn’t apologize for anything, even if it’s his own fault. He just mumbles something or blames something else for his mistake.

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15 BIG Early Warning Signs Of A BAD Boyfriend was last modified: June 21st, 2021 by Wale Lawal

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