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Ibironke Awaiye


Mrs. Ibironke Awaiye, a rising star in the cocktail and event management sector is a beautiful fashionable woman who is known for her outstanding services in events. Having gathered her knowledge from schooling in the Nigerian and South African Aviation School respectively, she became a highly loved and respected private flight attendant, therefore she put in all her experience into developing her expertise in serving healthy and tasty cocktails in events.

Aside from her 3DCS EVENTS Cocktails and Smoothies, she is also outstanding in organizing events and all that comes with it, as it keeps her clientss happy. This is as a result  of the energy she puts into her services. She is also known for exhibiting a tremendous employee and employer relationship, as it reflects in her services. With all her experience as a flight attendant, she goes on to follow her passion for serving guests with healthy and tasty cocktails. Been an awardee at the just concluded City People Fashion and Beauty Award, she revealed some of her beauty tips with City People’s Online ReporterDamilola Akande. Below are the excerptsof the interview.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Mrs. Ibironke. I am married with 2 kids and I am into events. I am the C.E.O of 3DCS EVENTS. I was a Cabin Attendant for a private airline. I left my job as a flight attendant to get married and cater for my kids.  I am into events services now and I cater for finger foods, cocktails, ushering and anything chewable and I also organize event. It depends on what my clients ask for.

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Why did you specialise in Cocktails?

That is because it is healthy. Most times I buy fruits and syrup to add in my cocktail. Since some of these fruits and syrups or cordial are too sweet we end up doing things to reduce them. We actually have a 3D special that is just water and fruit. All of these are to keep our customers healthy. I also noticed that when I attend events, they serve only people they term “VIPS” and I feel this is not right. So some of the guests or even workers don’t get to taste the Cocktails. When clients tell me to do 100 glasses I do 150, I want everyone to have a taste of my cocktails and to also take the burden off my clients.

How do you keep your fruits fresh?

Majorly it is just to have a cooling van or a mini cooler with you. I remember when I was a flight attendant I ensured that I have ice even if I was going to be flying for days, it is a VIP flight and they would always want something cold after their long meetings, so everywhere I get to the first thing I look for is ice.  They would always want it cold and it is unbelievable when I serve them cold drinks during the flight, so that was where I got the secret from.

Out of your experience which one out of being a flight attendant and been the c.e.o of 3Devents is more challenging?

Being a flight attendance is more strenuous, most of the time I will have to look perm and proper but the job requires you to clean the cabin and then wait for them till late at night for them at the airport for hours for them to arrive. This was one of the many things expected of me. I would have to get personal with them so as to know and remember what everyone likes.  It has some enjoyment to it because you get to meet people and go everywhere with them. For my business I do the branding and its majorly me putting efforts and enjoying the outcome. And I also have people that help me.

On employer and employer relationship, what is it like in your business due to you concern for your customers health?

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This is my 9th year in this business and I learnt over the years that there is no one who is perfect. I do not believe in sacking staffs because of a mistake because I am not perfect either. With my employees I like to have a personal relationship with them. I tip them I also try to get to know what is happening in their personal lives and all of that. Since I want to be consistent in this business I need my staffs to be consistent with me and I have staffs that have been with me for the past 9 years. Since I am not getting any younger I need people to help me.

What are you challenges in this business?

Sometimes when we have an event I am always unsettled till the event is over. Sometimes there may be an accident on the way so when my employees are on their way I keep calling to make sure they are fine. I also like to be prompts so I am always put on the edge if we are running late, those are some of the challenges I face.

What are the things you do not do when it comes to fashion?

I do not like gele, I am more into business casual attires. This is majorly because of what my previous job was like. I do not really like the native look. But when I wear them people talk about me going into fabrics and all.

What is your advice for people that are into your type of business?

I learnt this. I took exams on Cocktails and how to cater for people. As a Cabin attendant, I trained in the Nigerian Civil Aviation before I went to further at Canfree Aviation School in South Africa. When you attend Aviation School you are taught things like Table manners, different types of Glasses and many other things. So this was more like one of the courses I passed more. I see what others do and try it out. I don’t follow the books because I taste what I serve people, other people follow the measurements as they are in the book that is not been creative. So learn this thing, try them out before you put them out.

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WHY I DON’T LIKE TO TIE GELE TO PARTIES was last modified: June 9th, 2021 by Damilola Akande

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