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How I Left Banking For Event Planning Business – Mrs OLAJUMOKE ADEKOYA

Olajumoke Adekoya

•CEO Seamless Event

Mrs Olajumoke Adekoya who is the C.E.O of Seamless Event is well known for her beautiful and creative works as an event planner and party coordinator. Asides from her expertise in planning an event, Mrs Olajumoke Adekoya is a family person who likes to think of her family before doing anything. As recognized by the City People Awards forum, Mrs Olajumoke Adekoya is highly fashionable as she always storms every party looking stunning. In her works, she does not fail to exhibit these traits as all works from the Seamless Events outlet is always trendy and top-notch.

Her presence in the 3rd City People Awards for fashion and beauty was well recognized as she stormed the event dazzling. Before the event, she got talking with City People Reporter, Damilola Akande where she revealed why she left the banking industry for event planning. Below are the experts of the interview.

Can we get to know you?

My name is Mrs. Olajumoke Adekoya; I am an event planner and the C.E.O of Seamless Events.

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What brought you into event?

I started events 8 years ago but before then I was a banker before I went fully into event planning.  I was in the banking industry for 10 years was always up and doing in family parties not just there I noticed that when I attend other parties even as a guest, I end up going around to help because I get uncomfortable when I see that some guests that are left out. I actually had an uncle that noticed it and he called me one day and told me that banking was not for me and that I would be better when I am into events. I also noticed that after the parties I attend, the hosts do call me to appreciate what I did in their parties so I thought this was something I had a passion for so I decided to give it a trial.

Tell us about seamless events and how you coin its name?

The name “Seamless Event” came from other businesses I got into aside from my banking job. I had a boutique and a supermarket. My boutique had a fabric section which was named the Seamless Section, so when I started the event planning I thought there was no need to change the name and of cause, events can be seamless.

In your 8 years as an event planner what are your challenges over the years?

We have had so many ups and low and most of the challenge comes from the clients. Events can corporate or the Owambe style. I don’t have issues planning and executing cooperate events but the Owambe events are always hectic. For example, when we advise the client on the number of drinks they want to provide for their total guest, they become reluctant so on the day of execution there would be lapses as guests and family members begin to complain to me. But out of professionalism, I can’t tell them that the host requested a limited amount of food or drinks so I take the blame. Trust me this is one out of the many challenges Seamless Event faces.

How do you compliment you job with been a family person?

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I am very thankful for the kind of husband I have because he is my greatest fan. When I told him about my plans to go fully into events he told me to go ahead that he will help me with everything to make it easy for me. He assists me in taking care of the home and the children, of course, I try to do all that is expected of me before leaving the house but knowing that he is there I do my work effortlessly and I do it to ensure that I give the value of what I am been paid for.

What is you advice for the young ones in the event planning business?

For younger or elderly ones that want to come into this business, consistency is the best especially when you don’t have someone to support you. If you believe in what you are doing keep doing it, for instance, I never knew City People was watching and when I got a letter for an award I was surprised. Keep doing what you are doing and keep doing it right because you don’t know who is watching and no matter what you will break even. I started this business doing it with the whole of me even if no one is calling you, keep doing it.

 In 5 years time where do you see seamless event?

By the grace of God, Seamless Events will become a household name, it will be known all over the world because we are not stopping. The sky is just the begging and I know with this handwork and selflessness we will get there by the special grace of God.


How I Left Banking For Event Planning Business – Mrs OLAJUMOKE ADEKOYA was last modified: June 9th, 2021 by Damilola Akande

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