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How I Survived The Accident That Left Me Paralysed •Popular Gospel Singer, NIFEMYGOLD Tells City People

How I Survived The Accident That Left Me Paralysed •Popular Gospel Singer, NIFEMYGOLD Tells City People

Gospel singer, Princess Oluwanifemi Oluwatobi a.k.a Nifemygold is known as a Saxophonist and a woman with a sonorous ministering voice. She is a prophetess and ordained deaconess in the C&S Church. She has done numerous ministrations round different churches. Her very touching songs helped those who had lost faith in the Lord to rise up strong. She is highly energetic in her ministrations as the things of the Lord is dear to her heart. Her close contact with death after a fatal accident had helped her to see Gods plan and desires for her as she was almost losing hope in God during her trying time.

Having been in the music ministry for close to 20 years, she had treated her calling with levity as she used her talent  in clubs doing secular music not until 5 years ago when she fell and lost consciousness for 3 months. Realising her call, the single mother of one started living up to the call.

She begin from her church before taking it out to other churches. As a twin she was unique in her way as she had had various inspirations from God as a child. Nifemygold’s accident which led to a spinal cord injury did not stop her calling, as she continued to strive hard to help the world with her ministry. Her mantra and ever standing word of strength is to see the strength in one’s weakness. Fortunately, during one of her ministrations in a church, she was picked up by Juli King Productions who pushed her into releasing her first album “Unstoppable Glory”.

Speaking to City People Magazine reporters JAMIU ABUBAKAR, DAMILOLA AKANDE, OLAOLU OGUNTOYINBO and SOLA BAMIDELE, Nifemi Gold gave an extensive insight on her life. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Let’s get to know you

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I am Princess Oluwanifemi Oluwatobi , my stage name is Nifemi Gold “Unstoppable Glory”. I am a gospel artist and a Saxophonist. I went into gospel music after the challenges in my life because it made me realize that I do not own my breath. It is by God’s grace that I am alive, so it dawned on me that I should show forth to the world the power of He who has called me out of the darkness into light.

How did you come about the name” Nifemi Gold’’ and “Unstoppable Glory’’?

My coinage of the name Gold came from my in-depth understanding of what Gold is. You see, Gold in Yoruba it is called “WURA’’. Gold is what everyone looks for because it is “Glory’’ and it is only sold to those know what it is because it cannot be found on the street. It is a priceless gift and that name means a lot to me. I am a priceless Gold to God. The name unstoppable glory was birthed while I was recovering in the hospital. I was going through the book of Psalms when I came about where the Lord revealed to me that he kept me alive so that the world will not silent me. He is a one true God that has kept me all through the hurdles of the accident that happened 5 years ago. When I thought about it I reasoned with Him, truly I am an Unstoppable Glory. So when He said I should go forth to the world to preach the gospel, I understood it immediately.

How did you come about the accident?

The accident came as a shock, it wasn’t something that people go through and come out alive. That day as a police officer, I got ready for work but my spirit did not want to go out that day. I decided to still go but will tell my boss to give me the day off. During the period the office was under renovation, when I met with my boss and he agreed to give me the day off. On my way out of the building I fell off the top floor. This fall made me unconscious for 3 months. When I woke up I lost my voice, I couldn’t remember anything and who anyone was. During this period my mum was great, as a single mother I had only my mum and my daughter. They were my big source of strength. At some point it was more like I wasn’t recovering but she stood up and put her trust in God. During my time in Coma, God took me through the Journey of Hevean and Hell. It is all real; I was able to talk after 2 years of the accident. All thanks to God because those taking care of me got tired, they secretly injected me with a death injection (smiles) I slept for 3 days and woke up strong.  All of these stories are summaries in my upcoming album “Unstoppable Glory’’


Before the accident have you ever thought of music?

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Well, before the incident I was into music but I was not into gospel music. I was always invited to clubs to perform with my saxophone and people liked it. It has been like 18 years ago but my mother do tell me about my childhood that as a twin I usually stay in one corner and sing songs. She said she would pick up a book and write some of them and I still have them with me till date. So that means this talent was given to me by God and that is why He kept me.

How are you coping with the challenges of life and your music?

Honestly it has not being easy, because tending to a spinal cord injury and been confined to a wheel chair has not made anything easy. It is majorly just God and His mercies but I thank God for all the processes I have been through. So to everyone with a disability, first believe that there is ability in your disability because all of these cannot stop God from using you and always give God the glory because He gave you life.

What is your relationship with City People media group and juli king production?

First I am glad that I am finally here visiting City People Media Group. I have loved him since we have been friends on social media. I have seen his product of grace he has been showing to the world. I celebrate God in his life and I pray that God will continue to elevate you Sir Seye Kehinde. He supports talents and I follow his awards and activity. I am glad to finally meet him today. The Juli King, he is an amazing man. I met him at an album launch where I went to Minister. He was so nice to me at the first meeting. After my ministration he walked up to me and talked about me doing more. He is a father, a mentor and a very good director. He told me he wanted to help me showcase my glory and truly he has been on it since the first day. I bless the day I met you and I want to thank you for everything.

Tell us about your new album and what your fans should expect?

The album is going to be awesome because the name is also great “Unstoppable Glory’’. Nobody wants their glory to be stopped and I am glad God gave me that name to make use of.  I know that it will reach out to people who have been through the challenges of life. We are yet to tag a launch date to the album but we will surely announce it soon.

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Who are your role models?

I do have role models and I try to fine tune my music to sound like them thats how much I appreciate their works. I love the works of Donnie McClurkin, I also like Sinach I hope to be someone like her. She is also a source of inspiration. I also appreciate Tope Alabi, Esther Igbekele I like her energy. Its is one thing I hope to have, to stand on stage and give off such energy. I also like Mercy Chinwo from the east and I hope to do a collaboration with her

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