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Your Better Self with Akanna: Don’t be Easily Swayed by Circuses and Bread

Your Better Self with Akanna: Don't be Easily Swayed by Circuses and Bread

Some may be stuck there because of the poverty all around them, as in underdeveloped countries, so it’s easy to entice them with food and some entertainment. Others are stuck there because they have an abundance of food and entertainment — more than enough to keep them distracted. Americans were largely asleep at the political wheel, Netflix-ing and chilling, until the advent of Donald Trump. Then, everyone suddenly became politically ‘woke’. Nigerians seem to always forget about the prevailing political troubles of the time, whenever BBNaija is on. All the rants on Twitter are suddenly replaced with posts about Laycon. And then as soon as the season is over, police brutality is remembered.

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